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Celiac Disease Nutrition

Recognizing celiac disease, ie the level of clinical suspicion is especially significant problem in Croatia. Disease affects all age groups, both sexes and can occur in infants or in adults ...

It is believed that more than one million Europeans suffer from celiac disease or gluten enteropathy. In a patient diagnosed at least seven unidentified. Knowledge about celiac disease and maintaining health and disease in the extremely low level. Recognizing celiac disease, ie the level of clinical suspicion is especially significant problem in Croatia. Disease affects all age groups, both sexes and can occur in infants or in adults. Various symptoms of the disease can be long concealed. Untreated celiac disease may be associated with serious health complications. Damage to the lining of the small intestine that runs may result in the development of severe and life threatening diseases such as bowel cancer and bowel cancer of the lymphatic tissue cancer called. lymphoma. Experts point (Dr. Irena Slavic) that in Croatia, about 85 people at one suffers from celiac disease. The problem is that the approximately 500 persons are diagnosed only one affected person. Otherwise the situation in neighboring countries. Italy, for example, records 1 to 85 infected persons, Slovenia 1 at 100, Hungary 1 on the 90th A better knowledge of disease and more accurate methods for its diagnosis contribute to its more frequent detection. DISEASE SYMPTOMS Occurs in genetically predisposed individuals with gluten-free menu, but also as a result of stress or infection. Resulting in damage to the lining of the small intestine, reducing the secretion of some hormones, impaired digestion of essential nutrients and the development of severe and life threatening diseases. Typical symptoms of the disease in clear symptomatic celiac disease may be prolonged diarrhea or many heavy chairs failure to thrive, weight, loss of appetite, abdominal bloating, and poorly developed muscles. As the symptoms usually occur a few weeks or months after the introduction of food wheat, barley or rye, the little patients in the first months of life is healthy and normal physical development. The only symptom of disease in patients with atypical forms of celiac disease may be due to iron deficiency anemia, which stubbornly persists despite prolonged treatment. The low growth of larger children and adolescents may also be the only symptom of the disease. If the disease is diagnosed in time and commence gluten free diet normalizes the secretion of growth hormone. Leather celiac disease or dermatitis herpetiform form of the disease is characterized by the emergence of smaller bubbles on the skin of the knees, elbows and thighs of patients. Celiac disease can manifest and a picture of psoriasis and the loss of scalp hair or even the entire scalp. Furthermore, celiac disease may manifest poor persons fertility, signs of heart disease such as inflammation of the heart lining - pericarditis, and enlargement of heart failure with signs of its function. There are also some endocrine diseases that may be due to gluten intolerance, such as decreased or increased activity of the thyroid. Disturbances in the development of tooth enamel is in 30 percent of untreated patients. Patients who suffer from celiac disease can suffer from diabetes, an autoimmune inflammation of the thyroid, autoimmune liver inflammation, autoimmune inflammation of the lining of the stomach, adrenal gland damage, etc. Neurological disorders of patients who suffer from celiac disease are the appearance of epilepsy, cerebellar ataxia, polyneuropathy and severe myasthenia. Gluten free diet here may have a crucial role in the disappearance of symptoms. The suspicion of celiac disease in 80 percent accuracy, we will refuse the blood test antibodies to gluten, as well as tissue transglutaminase, or determination of genetic predisposition. For accurate diagnosis is essential small bowel biopsy. FOOD AS MEDICINE Gluten-free diet is a health diet that excludes gluten is a protein of wheat, rye, barley, oats and botanical relatives of these species such as Pira, Farina, Semolina, Triticale. For people with celiac disease is harmful to these cereal flours and all foods made from flour - breads, pastas and a variety of industrial food. The problem is maintaining a strict gluten free diet because gluten is a popular supplement in the industry for thickening or a base for color and flavor that is added to consumer products. Foods may also be contaminated with gluten during processing or packaging. For child maintenance is essential to know which foods in its composition contains gluten, which does not contain. Gluten free diet is not harmful to the organism. Gluten as a protein and not essential amino acids that make it interchangeable are numerous other dietary sources. By taking a gluten-free foods are not deprived of any important nutritional ingredient, or vitamins and minerals that could not compensate for other foods. With a strict gluten-free diet, body condition is completely normal. And this diet apply the basic rules of proper nutrition that apply to healthy people. Preparation of gluten-free diet is not difficult to implement, but requires a change in customary eating habits. It is based on accurate information, the proper selection of foods when preparing and serving food. Gluten-free cooking is identical to normal cooking. Many dishes can be converted to gluten free without any difficulty if used naturally gluten-free foods. Many parts of a meal can be prepared so that the gluten-free, and without losing the flavor: * Sauces can thicken with flour or potato starch. Even the Dutch prepared sauces can be prepared in such a manner. Ready means of thickening sauces are often gluten free. * Croquettes or nabujci will also be well linked with potato, corn starch or flour. * When preparing fish dishes can be used pure corn flour. * Vegetables can be prepared without the sauce with flour. The flavor of each vegetable in particular will come into play only when you put the butter. * Soups, dumplings, slices of semolina pudding or fine corn meal or rice will be just as good as those dishes prepared from semolina. Today, the only treatment of disease is a strict gluten free diet for life. Introduction of such a diet is the intestinal mucosa opravlja and symptoms that preceded disappear. A person who is on strict bezglutenskoj diet can be healthy as other people. Gluten free diet excludes from the health food products containing small amounts (> 0.002 ppm) of gluten. It should be strictly careful in selecting foods for human consumption. Diet with no hidden sources of gluten is not easy to implement. Creates a difficulty that can hide gluten in additives, preservatives and stabilizers different foods. It can be found in processed foods, drugs, and some means of oral hygiene. There is a danger of contamination of food and gluten. Strides To highlight the problem of celiac disease, the European Union has allocated funds for celiac research program (under the Fifth / EC / Framework Programme). Project celijakijskog gathering in the European Union, which began on 1 January 2000. year, coordinated by the European industry association of grain starch (AAC) and brings together research from 16 European laboratories in seven different countries. Scientific data and analyzes different aspects of this disease understood, which is engaged in this research will contribute to finding better solutions for those suffering from this disease. The reasons and consequences of intolerance to gluten is currently discussing several groups of European experts involved in the regulation of issues connected with food. In this context, celiac disease research program will focus on disease prevention measures at European level and the monitoring of its genetic and biological components.

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