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Coffee Calories

Who wants to enjoy coffee, a drink is pure, without additives.

Due to the high energy value of large coffee with milk and sugar can replace an entire meal. Calories are hiding in the whole milk and zasladivacima, and if your favorite beverage and chocolate contain, you will not go below 350 calories per cup (for comparison, a smaller burger contains 250 calories). Are you fat without ocigednog reasons, consider that the main culprit caffeine drink full-fat, experts warn. How is the average recommended daily caloric value of 2,000 calories for women and 2500 men, rich sweet coffee drinking can enter almost a fifth of the recommended energy intake. Such a meal body will not provide enough energy, vitamins and minerals that are necessary for health, and contains an abundance of harmful fats and šecera.Dva ounces of coffee drinks, whole milk and sugar have the same calories as a full meal from a pound of vegetables with meat steak palm-sized. Coffee without sugar is a healthy habit. If you can not throw him out, at least turn it down or replace brown. For lovers of caffeine cola is not a good substitute for coffee because it contains phosphoric acid which damages the kidneys and bones. Sweetened carbonated drinks increase the risk of diabetes, but drinking cola and drinks that contain phosphoric acid and will damage the kidneys. Drinking more than two cola per day increases the risk of kidney kamenca.Fosforna acids from Cole binds calcium, magnesium and zinc, minerals that are essential for bone health. Diuretic properties of caffeine stimulate urination and beneficial minerals, electrolytes and water while leaving the body.

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