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Cavitation effects

Cavitation is painless physical process in which the device produces ultrasonic waves that destroy the fat cells, which are then poured into medustanicnu liquid and then with the help of drainage are eliminated from the body.

All who have a desire to reduce cellulite, the volume of critical sites, improve skin elasticity and generally all persons who wish to fix the proportions and tone your body now it can be done with the help of cavitation. This is a painless process in which physical device produces ultrasonic waves that destroy the fat cells, which are then poured into medustanicnu liquid and then with the help of drainage eliminated from the body. Effect of device is particularly advisable if it is a time-limited period for which we want to look better, and often the vacation and removal inevitable and unavoidable that reveals much more than clothing. To the occurrence of cavitation, beauty treatments demanded a large number of treatments to achieve a noticeable effect. The effects of cavitation are evident after only one treatment, and after a few have a similar result as with liposuction, and avoid the risks that accompany the operating procedures. From that encourages an alternative name for the cavitation - non-surgical liposuction. This is extremely important, because most attempts at removing the excess weight ends unsuccessfully since losing patience because of the long-term process. Another important effect is the reduction of cellulite and improve the tone, a noticeable difference on the surface can be seen after only one treatment. Skin looks glade, and it is possible to measure centimeter volume reduction in critical areas. Number of treatments is individual, like any good weight loss program is individualized because no two the same person with the same habits, needs and opportunities. Optimal use of cavitation to accelerate the benefits of facilitating weight loss process paying particular attention to nutrition and physical activity. If you rely only on the effect of the device, then the number of required treatments is growing rapidly due to its popularity and effectiveness of treatments are expensive. An additional effect is achieved by applying the masas┼że-drainage after cavitation. What are the side effects of treatment? In the beginning stages of cellulite treatment uznapredovanih, sometimes its a minor bruise that, but she goes for a couple of days. Sometimes it appears less sensitive case of those parts where the poorest circulation, but only the first treatment. Already at the next treatment sensitivity disappears, and the bruising runs.

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