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Flu Treatment

What we do to help get over the flu? Drink plenty of fluids because it helps maintain hydration and mucus secretions in the bodys current condition.

spruce it, and yet you have a good appetite, it is very likely that you have a cold. Because when it comes to influenza, most patients lose the desire to eat for several days, and even feel the nausea and vomiting at the mere thought of food. Influenza can be extended, and often sold two weeks before patients feel better. For some, fatigue after flu and lasts several weeks. Complications of influenza are more dangerous and more serious than those of colds. Problems such as pneumonia are especially dangerous for those with sensitive immune system, the elderly and those with chronic diseases. Although most people with flu do not need a specific treatment, there are medications that can shorten the duration of the disease or prevent the gain. Such drugs are particularly useful for those who are at risk of flu complications. Antibiotics are, of course, unnecessary and useless. What we do to help get over the flu? Drink plenty of fluids because it helps maintain hydration and mucus secretions in the body of liquid, which is very important for the elimination of pathogens and reduce the unpleasant feeling of airway blockage. In addition, fluid intake lowers the temperature. Hot beverages like tea, can help alleviate symptoms of painful throat. Relax, make sure you have at least eight hours of sleep and do not expose the efforts. Keep the humidity. If the room where you are staying dry air, ensure sufficient moisture by a container with water or electric humidifier. Do not smoke and do not expose yourself to cigarette smoke, which further leads to inflammation and damage the lining of the upper respiratory system. Eat chicken soup because it has been shown to have mild anti-inflammatory effect and to reduce swelling of nasal mucosa. Rinsing the nasal saline several times a day helps in the regeneration of the mucous membrane, maintaining moisture and eliminate pathogens.

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