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Passive aggression

Passive aggressive types are those that do not show aggression to open, the usual way, but their environment to control and oppress the more sophisticated ways.

When something flies into your head, you are assured that the matter of aggression. But there are other forms of aggression, which even those who resort to them may not be aware of it or are so good that the manipulators successfully hidden aggression. Passive-aggressive types are those that do not show aggression to open, the usual way, but their environment to control and oppress the more sophisticated ways. The passive aggressive person usually express their terror of the partners with whom they live, and by subordinates at work. Passive aggressive is the wife that her husband secretly puts in what food he likes or does not want to eat Passive agresivac the head with a smile that gives you time to complete the work by Friday, and you and he know that this is impossible. The passive aggressive person the handlers, who are focused on your goals and who will do a lot of things that come to these goals, but it almost never publicly shown and are not recognized. Their methods are far from the crude methods of abusers who use his fist, but the consequences of their actions often hurt more than fists. The passive aggressive person can destroy your neighbor, turning the situation, nabijajuci them feel guilt and remorse. Physical violence is horrible and unacceptable, but if not drastic, physical pain is usually short, and the wounds heal quickly. The victims of physical aggression as a rule to say that the consequences suffered significantly greater psychological than physical, so it is hard to imagine then what are the consequences of a sophisticated psychological terror that is generally constant and time-consuming if you are dealing with racial passive aggressive person. The passive aggressive person actually show what they think, but do it in a different way - indirectly are angry, and envious Manipulating skills allow them to disguise their anger seems perfectly logical explanations and conclusions, why degrade the environment and to make everyone around them feel bad. When the passive-aggressive personality comes into a position to raise a child, the child usually grows up to uncertainty, developing all kinds of complexes, the unhappy, self has a bad opinion and poorly appreciated. Behind the covert aggression lies a sad truth: these people want the approval of others and caring about other addiction itself. Because of the specificity and the perfidy of this relationship, from it is not easy to extract, primarily because few people recognize what kind of behavior is really the word. That this is not an open and well known method of harassment, such behavior often passes unnoticed, and even the environment can be a family company and in which is ruled by a passive aggressive person described as exemplary. However, those who suffer from such aggression, the unfortunate and sooner or later begin to resent that you know, and this regardless of whether they know what they are going. People do not have to become aware of the situation to revolt against it: passive-aggressive boss, despite a great effort to control everything around you will see that his subordinates were late with deadlines, delays, and draw from the work. Some will do it consciously, some unconsciously, but both are the boss will give the message - stop us to control! Unfortunately, research shows that about half of passive agresivaca aware of what makes, although it does not recognize. Indeed, provoke, and then complain and wonder why people are so nervous and now on a short fuse. Izluduju environment, causing them to aggression, and when the environment rebellion, openly wonder what they are and why you react violently. Often the whole situation will be reversed so that the environment is still a concept and examine whether the real reason for such a reaction. Subverting and undermining the environment, and constantly turning the fact that discontent does not want to openly show the main characteristics of passive agresivaca, and this man can really go crazy with it or destroy confidence. Clearly, all we, if you think about it, find a situation where we took a passive-aggressive behavior, because we all make mistakes. It is not always easy to distinguish between innocent and clumsy mistake of passive-aggressive attack. If you find a partner who buys a gift for the times youve recently said that you do not like, and if he found a great excuse for a dirty judge, it really can be inadvertently or consequence of circumstances. Even if you are aware that times pull money from the court or the cooler kids at basketball, it is human, because we are all overworked and sometimes we have nothing to. Sometimes well admit it, sometimes we can hardly wait to come up with some justification that holds water and extract it. However, the passive agresivaca this behavior is prevailing, they almost always distort events and facts, as they have a problem with hidden anger and do not know how to express feelings clearly. No matter what their excuses and explanations may sound quite logical, it is also logical to ask why one person is always an event of such things, but most people around that person in other ways manages to solve their problems and not in conflict with a similar environment. How the other half of passive agresivaca unaware of their behavior, they should be sure to face with their behavior and ask them to change. Some will remain ashamed, shocked and some will not believe you now, so give them time. There will be those who will not want to change, but it is your right to remove them and take everything in your power to the head of such a search reasonable protection for people who are more powerful than them. Failing that, contact the organizations for mobbing, etc, seek the help of competent institutions or change jobs if possible. If it comes to private life, you always have the option to disconnect or friendship with a passive aggressive person who does not want to change. A large percentage of passive agresivaca will need assistance and time for a change, because the root of their behavior is usually the primary family, in which anger is not expressed openly, or were often drastically punished. The passive aggressive person and frequently come from families in which nurtures hypocritical behavior - one to speak for the other, a behavior is accepted when the second comes a second is required of their children, etc. A child who receives such mixed messages will begin to hesitate, you will not learn the skills that we call asertivnoŇ°cu (in short: quality can stand up for themselves and in a positive manner to achieve goals). Instead of positive skills and methods will be deeply repressed anger, will teach indirectly show, which is largely ineffective, and the environment is experiencing this behavior annoying, insulting and degrading.

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