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Laparoscopy in gynecology

Laparoscopy is an endoscopic surgical procedure that checks the condition of the organs in the abdominal cavity ...

Replaced a number of surgical procedures performed in the open abdomen (laparotomy). Diagnostic laparoscopy was first found its place in the treatment of infertility in women. The last two decades of the last century, thanks to the development of optical devices and endoscopic instruments, developed in the surgical technique that can be cured with almost all autoimmune diseases female genital tract. Recently used in the treatment of some malignant bolesti.Dijagnosticka laparoscopy provides insight into the genital organs of women and their function. They can be determined by anomalies of the uterus, fallopian tubes and the appearance of their mobility, lack of individual organs, the presence of functional cysts, benign and malignant tumors, inflammatory disease and ectopic pregnancy. Very often it is used in determining the cause of acute and chronic pain in zdjelici.U processing and treatment of infertility, laparoscopy is centralized. It provides insight into the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. The treatment is primarily used for aspiration of ova during fertilization outside the body, tubal ligation for permanent contraception and treatment of ectopic pregnancy. At the end of the century has become a common method of surgical removal of cysts and tumors of the ovary, uterine tumors (fibroids), correction of tubal adhesions and cutting treatment and reluctant flow of urine. The latest application is received in the state estimation of malignant ovarian diseases, their spread to nearby organs and lymph cvorove.Laparoskopskom method achieves the same therapeutic effect with higher poŇ°tednost. Entry into the abdominal cavity of a major incision in the anterior wall of the navel and several auxiliary stab incisions. Through an incision in the navel of diameter 10 mm carbon dioxide that we introduce lifting off the anterior abdominal wall to avoid the sting of the large intestine and blood vessels. In two to four extra compass diameter section nine fifty-five mm introducing different instruments running operations. The duration of laparoscopic surgery by experienced surgeons is less than with open surgery in the abdomen. The recovery of patients is faster and stay in sickbed several times shorter. In other words, the majority of treated patients left the hospital the day after laparoscopic surgery, and after laparotomy to make after 7 dana.Oporavak takes about 7 days due to non-radical stab wounds, unlike laparotomijskog section is about ten times larger. Also important is the psychological impact of large wounds and scars of fear of failure. Appearance and size of the wound also have an aesthetic advantage, because the scars after 6-12 months can barely recognize. The Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Zagreb and laparoscopic surgery are performed more than 30 years, and annually they make more since 2000. Number of laparoscopic surgery is increasing and the expectation that in future the ratio of classical and laparoscopic surgery versus jedan.Zahvaljujuci be three small openings in the abdominal wall through which introduces a source of light and video camera and instruments, minimize the size of the wound. Thanks to this surgery and recovery shorter duration with less quantity of consumable materials. The visibility of the operative field is equal to not only the operator and assistants, but also to other staff and students. In addition, it is important to emphasize that the image on the monitor povecana.Mogucnost recording operation and use for educational purposes are also valuable. The risk of contamination of the operative field and adhesions due to surgery are also minimized. Reduced temporary professional ability and sick leave is also smanjeno.Osposobljenost surgeon for laparoscopy is a complex and lengthy process. Equipment called. endoscopic operating room at the start dozen times more expensive, although the investment quickly pays for one who appreciates the work of physicians. Among the most common complications of laparoscopic method is a soft organ damage such as perforation of the intestines, peritoneum, blood vessels and the consequent bleeding. Sometimes because of the impossibility of view because of adhesions of organs for surgical intervention must continue to classical open abdominal surgery.

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