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Cracked capillaries

The reason of the female hormones that soften connective tissue and helps expand blood vessels, and emerge after a pregnancy due to increased pressure in the abdomen ..

For women who came for help, I have concluded that their cellulite than a lot of problems (aesthetic) form and burst capillaries on the legs. Enlarged capillaries or teleangiectasia solely as a professional title, the problem of many women of. Always be on the outer parts of the leg, just that everyone notices, and may be on the cheeks and nosu.Razlog of the female hormones that soften connective tissue and helps expand blood vessels, and emerge after a pregnancy due to increased pressure in the abdomen. The stagnation of blood in the veins tends to spread the capillaries, then prolonged standing, long sustained a blow to the muscle, followed by the other ugly capillaries, but not negligible, and family heritage. Expansion of capillaries on the face contributes to the exposure that we use suncu.Metoda perfected in England, and it is a veinwave termokoagulaciji technology and microwave technology. The treatment consists in the fact that neither touches through thin capillaries which spread the heat coagulates the blood vessel wall, and that he does not damage the koža.Na this way, millimeter by millimeter treated capillaries, and in one session can be created and up to one meter capillaries. The treatment lasts an hour and is completely painless, and the person feels just a little toplinu.Na difficult places, such as the creases of elbows, where no single technology has not given good results, veinwave can easily coagulate the smallest vessels, the size of 0.2 millimeters. The apparatus is especially designed for those who suffer from facial redness, and proved to be a good choice for the capillaries on the cheeks and nose. After one treatment the capillaries on the face nestaju.Na tretiranome place the result is permanent, but there is no guarantee that the capillaries will not appear on the site to someone else. In addition, always pay attention if there are some larger blood vessels that feed the capillaries and the veins and then sclerosed. In particular mikrosklerozaciji used polarized light (veinlite) that provides a deeper insight into kožu.Dobre news also came from England where veinwave used in the treatment of minor forms of psoriasis. Termokoagulacijom destroy small blood vessels that feed the psoriatic plaques and foci disappear. It takes about a week to dry skin falls off, and the redness disappears.

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