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The sense of smell

In our nose to hide millions of odor receptors. When they sniff something, send the information in the so-called. olfactory bulb (cluster of cells in the brain the size of a pea), which sorts the signals and transmits them to the limbic system.

This is a primitive part of the brain that controls many emotions and memory, and some basic behaviors such as feeding, fighting, sexual excitement, enjoyment, and even addictive. How are very close, neurological control of these behaviors are very often povezane.To explains how the aromatherapy scents can help lower your stress levels, improve mental and physical performance, relieve pain and insomnia, and help us lose weight. Research has taught us how to better take advantage of a great sense of smell. You want to resist the desire for food Smell the green apple or any other favorite mirisMirisi you love can help you control cravings, says Dr. Alan Hirsch, founder of the Foundation for Research and Therapy of smell and taste of Chicago. In one study, Hirsch and colleagues gave the fat people smell a banana, green apple or peppermint when you feel the desire for food, and they have lost more than they do on his thesis that the weight loss program is not used nos.Savjet: Hold the bottle with your favorite fragrance at hand and smell it throughout the day instead of snacking. Do you want to settle Smell the orange or lavender In an Austrian study, researchers wafted the smell of oranges in front of some respondents, and the smell of lavender in front of others. Both groups felt less tense, respondents were more positive and calmer compared with study participants who were not exposed mirisima.Savjet: Add a few drops in a spray bottle and use at home or at work during a stressful day. Want to learn something new Smell the Rosemary Next time you are at work brought to the brink of mind unachievable plans, remember Shakespeares Ophelia. After Hamlet made her nuts, she wanders around the castle and picked rosemary muttering: Theres rosemary, for remembrance: pray for love, the memorable. Scientists at the University of Northumbria in the UK showed she was on the right. After the 48 students were exposed rosemary oil, the memory tests have achieved much better results than those who have not smelled this plant, and during the test they felt koncentriranije.Savjet: Buy a plant or two for the window, so you can pluck a twig and smell as you learn. Want to relieve pain Sniff lavender or peppermint metvicuMedicina pharmacology and constantly searching for ways to reduce use of painkillers. Doctors at New York University Medical Center are exposed patients undergoing laparoscopic surgery of the stomach the smell of lavender (for anesthesiology face mask worn during the procedure). These patients should be significantly less morphine during surgery and less analgesics him equally. When pain and helping mint. German researchers who deal with headache showed that that smell is equally effective as a pain reliever acetaminofen.Savjet: Next time you are headache, inhale the scent of the tissues that are sprayed with a few drops of lavender or mint. Want to strengthen libido Smell the Baby puderUz cucumbers and likoriciju (licorice root), the research found, baby powder stimulates sexual desire in women, strengthening the vaginal circulation by 13 percent, and lavender for 11.Savjet: After showering, apply a little powder on the skin of babies. Want to feel young Smell the red grejpKada volunteers watched 20 models pictures after they were exposed to the smell of red grapefruit are considered models of the average three years younger than the subjects who watched images without the olfactory stimulation. Tip: Perfumes, which in themselves have a touch of grapefruit or grapefruit essential oil use to refresh the space. Want to practice better Sniff peppermint metvicuStudija at Wheeling Jesuit University in the U.S. showed that more motivation, energy, speed and confidence to have a basketball game before that smell like mint. Some athletes use inhalers with special smell, the smell of Reebok and even incorporated in sprotske grudnjake.Savjet: When you feel that you lose power during exercise, smell the essential oil of mint. Want to sleep better Smell lavanduPostoji why people for centuries in their pillows put lavender flowers. Modern research has shown that lavender prolonged phase of deep sleep, when the best rest. Recent research from England and Korea show that the flower helps those who toil mild nesanica.Savjet: Before bedtime, bed frame spray lavender water.

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