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Bump on hand

Excessive PlayStation gaming, and frantically squeezing the controller in the hands of kids who know how to hold for hours, can cause a new disease

Scientists have a new disease called palmar hidradenitis, a problem and manifestations of the disease have been described recently in the journal British Journal of Dermatology. Confirmation of diagnosis The disease is manifested by painful nodules on the palms and fingers, and the doctors this problem was first noticed in a 12-year-old girl with symptoms of sore hands for help in the Geneva University Hospital. After the doctors, trying to establish a diagnosis, talked with her parents, they concluded that the painful swelling and long-term consequences of continuous playing Playstation. Confirmation of their diagnosis were given after the symptoms retreated 10 days since the girl is not even touched the Playstation. Vincent Piguet and colleagues from Geneva hospital decided to baptize the disease and now doctors in diagnosis can cause diseases like type literally is the consequence of excessive playing PlayStation, which leads to severe physical abuse of the skin. Dermatologist Dr. Maja Cvetkovic said that the obvious case of skin sensitivity to pressure the hand and fingers when they are exposed predugoj irritation. Of course, it does not have the same effect at all because someone is more, one less susceptible, said Dr. Cvetkovic. Need moderation Pain in the fingers and skin irritations are passionate and well-known players is not rare to die hard gamers the finger often lining patches or other aids to alleviate the consequences of playing several hours without rest. Irritation of the skin and cheekbones are often known to occur until next morning, after a night spent with a controller in your hands. Of course you are in terms of new diseases have already suggested preventive measures: moderation. Since it is a respected medical studies and diagnoses documented in detail, prozivodac Sony has raised his voice nor tried to refute the console causes a new disease. They argue that in the booklet of instructions that accompany the console each warn that excessive use can cause health problems. New Diagnosis Palmar hidradenitis: The palm and fingers appear to be painful bumps, irritated skin is very Treatment: Need at least a ten-day abstinence from playing. Patients more susceptible to illness should not use the controller for too long without a break viĊĦesatnih.

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