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Food Cancer

More than 40 percent of cases of breast and bladder cancer in rich countries can be prevented only with the help of a child, physical activity and weight control, according to British experts.

Simple measures like cycling to work, avoiding fatty foods and eating more fruits are sufficient to achieve such great results, according to a survey the World Cancer Research Fund. According to the report 12-odd most common forms of cancer in rich countries, and about a quarter of the poor could be prevented by diet, exercise and weight control. This includes cancers throat, lungs and bladder. The figures do not take into account the impact of smoking, which only causes about one third of tumors. A group of 23 experts compiled the report to encourage immediate action necessary to avoid a crisis is a sudden increase in the number of patients with this insidious disease. We expect a significant increase in cancer rates with increasing age of the population, increasing prevalence of obesity, reduced activity and more frequent consumption of artificial and calorie foods and beverages. Experts recommend that schools and businesses to enable students and employees greater physical activity and ban unhealthy foods. After stopping smoking is important to pay attention to food, physical activity and weight. The evidence linking diet, inactivity and obesity with cancer are most prevalent in the last decade, said Richard Davidson, the British branch of the World Cancer Research Fund

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