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Diarrhoea in children

The most important rule in the case of diarrhea - bring plenty of fluids!

Diarrhea in children commonly announce spasms. Though generally not harmful to the child, it is very tiring. Diarrhea usually occurs as the bodys response to various infections (eg viral) which occur especially in summer. Hose work harder to throw as soon as possible contaminants. The increase in loss of body fluids. The result is the current chair. Risk of dehydration The body loses a lot of diarrhea, fluid and mineral substances. Infants and toddlers can become dehydrated quickly. Signs of dehydration include: Losing weight * Drowsiness and exhaustion * Retracted fontanelles in infants What is a child less, the greater the risk of dehydration. The infant should immediately visit a doctor. Slightly older children, you may want to treat at home. First, give them plenty of fluids. I drink water and tea, rosehip, chamomile, blueberry, mint or fennel. With help of diarrhea and mucus rice (saline) or saline brown roux soup. If the situation after a few hours is not normal, the child should not drink after each stool with a solution of electrolytes. This will compensate for the loss of water, salts and minerals. If a child does not want you to drink it zamrzniti solution in the form of lollipops and his offer. Powder for reconstitution for rehydration can be bought in pharmacies. You can give your child and preparations with probiotic bacteria to help out to establish the normal intestinal flora. In severe diarrhea, the child should always lead to the doctor. Also proceed in the case of diarrhea that lasts more than two days, if it contains blood, mucus, or in case of fever and very bad general condition of the child. Important! If the child is breastfed, breastfeed him as often. * Feed your baby formula if you need it in case of severe diarrhea diluted. * Powder for rehydration should become an integral part of your home pharmacy.

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