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For a life of struggle - the length of life

Speed ​​coping with the situation and reactions to stimuli much stronger indicator of the duration of life of blood pressure, exercise or body weight, were discovered by British scientists

Research has shown that the probability of premature death twice as high among women and men slow response. Experts from the University of Edinburgh and Medical Research Centre in Glasgow 20 years, followed 7414 men, found that apparently expand the Latin saying meaning sound mind in a sound body. Scientists point out that the reaction time to stimuli associated with intelligence, which in turn is an indicator of quality networking system of the organism. Our results show that the time of the decision, which is highly correlated with intelligence, an important factor in the risk of all forms of death, including cardiovascular disease. The study was published in the respected journal Intelligence at the end of last week, while the first is that mortality associated with the reaction time and compares it with factors such as smoking and alcohol consumption. Its authors argue that a growing body of evidence shows that people with higher IQs live longer on average. The researchers followed the participants from the mid-1980s when their reaction time was measured with small electronic devices to display and five buttons with numbers. Volunteers were asked to press the corresponding button when the screen appeared his number, and device recorded the time it took for the reaction. Since then, 1289 people died, among them 568 from heart disease. The researchers compared the reaction times, smoking habits, weight and other factors and those who died and those who are still alive. The results showed that the probability of premature death even 2.6 times higher in people with slow reactions. Smoking has been shown only stronger factor than reaction time - the likelihood that smokers die earlier was 3.03 times higher. All other factors such as exercise, blood pressure, heart rate, the relationship between waist-hip ratio, alcohol consumption and body mass index, had a lesser effect. People who have had a history of cardiovascular disease during the reaction was the most important factor, even more important than blood pressure and smoking. Researchers commented that there is a theory according to which the reaction time, as a measure of speed of information processing in the brain, a marker of physical integrity of the system. Thus, slower reaction times and lower processing capability can be an indicator of non optimal physiological functioning, which in turn can be linked with premature death - the report said. Another recent study found that the brain and its effectiveness can increase exercise, healthy eating, playing, listening to music and meditation. All these factors are also associated with physical health and longevity.

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