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Salty foods

Sol lifted the mood in people and creates a desire for re-consumption similar to that of drug opojih

Scientists have discovered why we love to eat salty foods, although we know that this is not good for our health. According to a study conducted salt elevates mood in humans and creates a desire for re-consumption similar to that of opojih drugs. This could explain why we need to add salt to chips fried or boiled eggs. Scientific studies conducted by scientists have with the University of Iowa showed that the lack of salt in the diet, at least as far as spices, some individuals can lead to dissatisfaction and even depression. People need to salt it helps the passage of fluid through the body, but excessive amounts of sodium chloride can cause high blood pressure, heart disease and numerous other problems. Average daily Briton eats 8.6 grams of salt a drop of nine grams, compared with an average of 1990. year. However, it is much more than the amount needed by the body. In fact, doctors recommend that adults should not take more than six grams, while children living cut down should not exceed two grams. Profeseor Kim Johnson, who conducted tests on laboratory rats, found that animals with reduced intake of salt have lost pleasure in things that were otherwise entertained. Things were otherwise happy, rats were no longer the pleasure which leads to the conclusion that the lack of salt in combination with the desire causing one of the key symptoms associated with depression - Johnson emphasized. The study found similar changes in the brains of those rats which had been denied the drug. The results show that the need for salt and a craving for consumption using the same brain pathways as those activities related to addiction and drug abuse - Johanson concluded.

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