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Discovered that alcohol does not cause drowsiness

The study found that larger amounts of oxygen in the alcohol allows people to make it easier digestion, and thus have less negative effects of drunkenness.

The scientists found prepared in alcohol, which cause much less drowsiness and allows drunks as soon as possible oporave.Kisik the body uses to breakdown alcohol into water and carbon dioxide. Increasing the amount of oxygen the body can facilitate job results indicate that multiple tests and confirmed. The subjects drank alcoholic beverages with different amounts of oxygen, and sober were those who had more oxygen in the liquid. - These are the findings from clinical, but also of vital importance. Drinks enriched with oxygen gives individuals an opportunity to be sober before, and the negative consequences of bowl over become negligible - explained Kwang-il Kwon, author of the study. He added that alcohol accelerates the expulsion of blood that will surely reduce the number of traffic accidents caused by drunken drivers. The study was conducted in the Korean National University of Chungnamu.

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