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The Japanese invented the chip for vaccination

Round chip grafting has a diameter of only 1.5 cm, and contains about 300 mikroigala. These gadgets can bring medicine into the body, and do not even damaged upper layer of skin.

Fear of the injection site will soon become a thing of the past, when the Japanese invented a painless way of vaccination. Kanji Takada, professor of pharmacokinetics, the science that deals with the quantitative presentation of the fate of the drug in the body, has developed a circular chip grafting, which has a diameter of only 1.5 inches, and contains about three hundred mikroigala. These gadgets can bring medicine into the body and that do not even damaged upper layer of skin. When the needles penetrate just half a millimeter under the skin, dissolve it and bring a cure, and that the patient when it feels no pain and no bleeding, says a professor with the School of Pharmacy Takada of Kyoto. This invention can be applied to provide all types of vaccines, so that more people should not fear because the injections will not feel anything, said Takada. New vaccination system is the scientist has developed six years ago. Earlier studies have failed because disposable needles are needles made from sucrose, razgradivale only at temperatures higher than 100 degrees Celsius. Takada sucrose is replaced with water resistant polymer that dissolves once you push the skin surface, where it is then absorbed into the bloodstream. Each of the approximately three hundred needles debt is only half a millimeter, and only 0.3 millimeters wide. Tests have shown that the medication is injected by this method is no less. Takada predicts that the new system would be able to introduce the vaccination in Japanese hospitals within two years.

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