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Tested miracle pills for the heart

Cheap polipilula which consists of five active ingredients useful for the heart, was successfully tested in India

Polipilula which consists of five active ingredients useful for the heart, was successfully tested in India. The concept of pills such as five in one for all people over 55 years old for more than five years, but since then have not done extensive research. However, recent study conducted India has shown that it reduces heart disease by 80 percent, that is not harmful and that is well tolerated. Despite the results, presented in the prestigious journal The Lancet, a definitive confirmation of its effectiveness, some critics have questioned the ethics of open such pills which would compensate for the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle. They are considered to be against high blood pressure and cholesterol levels should fight exercise and healthy eating, rather than swallowing tablets. Miracle pill contains five active pharmacological ingredients that are often used - aspirin to reduce the density of blood, statin anti-cholesterol and three medications to lower blood pressure (ACE inhibitor, diuretic and beta blocker), and folic acid to reduce homocysteine ​​levels, which causes atherosclerosis ( lack of folate, vitamins B6 and B12 increases homocysteine ​​levels in plasma). Testing was conducted on 2053 healthy people with the established risk factor for heart disease like high blood pressure or smoking many years. The results showed that the combined drug caused a decrease in blood pressure and cholesterol without any adverse effect. Researchers believe that the pill Polycap, produced by Cadila Pharmaceuticals to reduce the number of heart attacks in middle-aged people for at least 50 percent, which on a global scale could save millions of lives. Study in 50 Indian centers led by Dr Salim Yusuf of the University in Ontario. Annual costs for the pills would have amounted to only 15 euros per person. Experts warn that the pill should not be used to compensate for an unhealthy lifestyle but as a supplement to a healthy life. Dr Sarah Jarvis also points out that one should bear in mind that the pill will not stop arthritis or lung disease, that is no panacea.

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