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A healthy diet and exercise

Do not eat anything that has more than five ingredients, ingredients that are unknown to you or those who can not even pronounce the name, or contain high-fructose corn syrup

Michael Pollan is a well known name in the United States - New York Times columnist, professor of journalism and ecology at the prestigious Berkeley and fierce critic of American food policy. In his books, writings and lectures claims that his countrymen are suffering from a national eating disorder - an unhealthy obsession with healthy eating. And this obsession is becoming global, as well as epidemics of obesity and diseases associated with diet. It is, in essence, a closed circle from which it is quite difficult to escape. Pollan is the author of the bestselling nagradivanih about food, diet history, ecology, and everything I write or say the cause of bile, a fierce debate in the professional and lay circles. Many a famous statement that all he had learned about food and health may be imposed in one sentence: Eat food, not too much, mostly plants. And the first two words - Eat food are vital in the whole story, because Pollan thinks the real food - vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish and meat. What should be avoided, persistently repeated, were - edible food-like substances. In his lectures, and in his writings, often talks about the rules that should help us not only to eat healthier, but also to enjoy the food and stop to look at some of the scientific Magnifying Glass as a hated enemy for the wrong disease and excess weight or a necessary evil. Here are some, universally applicable Pollanovih recommendations. Do not eat anything your grandmother (or even better - great-grandmother) would recognize as food. And it seems to be much harder said than done. Why grandmothers? Because Pollan argues that the confusion around food has continued for several generations, and they also present in the mature years of confusion and conflicting information poisoned attitudes about food as the enemy who wears thick, and disease. When you see the packaging on the shelf tiles of cereal for breakfast-milk or cream substitutes, for example, refrain from buying, interpreted. - Do not eat anything that has more than five ingredients, ingredients that are unknown to you or those who can not even pronounce the name, or contain high-fructose corn syrup. Ask yourself: What are these things doing there?, Says Pollan. None of these characteristics does not necessarily mean that the product is harmful, but speaks quite confidently that the food has passed a comprehensive process of processing. - Seek to the greater extent to avoid products that carry a health claim. Very often, these are very Revision products, about what the package says it could be widely discussed. Do not forget that, for example, margarine, one of the first industrial foods which are claimed to be healthier than traditional foods (butter), which was replaced, after convictions as zacepljivac artery and a source of dangerous trans fats. - Isis from the supermarket whenever possible, go to the market. The products in the marketplace you will find high-fructose corn syrup. This will help you find foods that are harvested very far from where you live, or a long time ago. There youll find food that your grandmother is no problem recognizing her. - Eat mostly plants, especially leafy vegetables. Scientists to discuss and explore what is good or best in plants - the antioxidants, fiber, omega-3 ... However, regardless of the discussion will argue that the vegetables are really good for you and will not harm you. Eating mostly foods of plant origin is the will and fewer calories, since plant foods (except seeds and nuts polodva) has a lower energy density (fewer calories in a certain quantity) than most other foods. Be, almost vegetarian or fleksitarijanac, and add a little fish and meat to their diets. - Eat more like a Frenchman. Or Japanese. Or as people from the Mediterranean ... In fact, any traditional way of eating will be good. That is not healthy food that people adhere to centuries in some areas, but would disappear. Food culture is incorporated into the society, economy, ecology ... Some diet reaches further than others (such as Italian cuisine is much more widely accepted in the world, but it eksimska). If you borrow from others, not just watch what you eat, but how. Pollan says the famous French paradox - even though they eat a lot of saturated fat and drink plenty of alcohol, the French statistical quite healthy and slim. Their diet consists of healthy eating habits - small portions, no other charge plate, no snacks. In addition, they like to eat in society and seriously enjoy the meal. - Boil, and if at all, you can keep the garden. Participation in the interesting process of the preparation of food is the surest way to escape from the culture of fast food premises and that it imposes - the food must be simple and cheap, food is fuel, not pleasure. Cuisine and Gastronomy there is more wisdom about diet and health, but you can find in any professional journal - says Pollan. A food that helps your own health Produce a lot before you sit down to eat. - Be omnivorous. Add new things to his menu. The more foods you eat, the more likely it is that you cover all your nutritional needs. Another argument in favor of this recommendation - Biodiversity in the diet means less monoculture in the fields. What does this have to do with your health? Endless fields of spruce monocultures that we currently require huge amounts of food chemicals - fertilizers and pesticides. Diversity means fewer chemicals, healthier soil, healthier plants and animals, and - of course, healthier people. All this was accompanied, says Pollan, and says that our health is not limited to our bodies. Not only in terms of what you eat but how you eat. Always get up from the table while youre still a little hungry - he says Pollan. Many kuture have rules that encourage you to stop eating before prežderete. In Japan, for example, say you eat until youre eighty percent full. Similarly, in Islamic cultures. The Germans say: Shut up bag before it is fully charged. Myths on the plate One of the biggest mistakes of todays diet, Pollan believes all the widespread focus on the invisible nutrients in foods instead of food itself. He uses the term nutrition in terms of ideology, which has lost touch with the science on which it is based. - Its good for scientists to study why, for example, carrots good for us and examine the possible benefits of a substance x from carrots. But what happens is that after they looked at carrots, well-intentioned experts say we should eat more foods containing substance X. We do not even manage to cope, and the industry you sell more food enriched with substance X. But perhaps we do not know whether substance X, when not in carrots, good or bad for us. Perhaps we are so impressed with a new product that has to buy it and eat, even if it contains some other unhealthy ingredients such as salt and high fructose syrup. He ordered the four myths that are hidden behind a mindset which is more important what is in the food than the food itself. First MYTH: Food is a means for delivering nutrijenataDakle, what really matters is not broccoli, but fiber and antioxidants it contains. If we understand this, we are properly fed. Food is good in itself begins to interfere. Second Myth: We need experts to tell us how we should eat Nutrients are invisible and mysterious, its like a religion, Pollan says, and if the powerful entity is invisible, we need a priesthood to mediate our relationship with food. Third Myth: The main purpose of eating is the maintenance and promotion of physical health, It is a road the idea that when we eat, or enhance or destroy our health, says Pollan, adding that we forget that there are many other reasons why we eat - the pleasure, sociability, identity, ritual ... Health is not only what happens on our plates. 4th Myth: Theres good and bad food. At any time there is a bad nutrient that we like the original drive out the evil from our plates. First, they were saturated, and now trans fats, says Pollan. Then there is the evil opposite of nutrients, a good side, blessed with a nutrient - if you eat enough of that, we will be healthy and maybe live forever. Of course, the history is good and the bad guys take turns.

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