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Itchy Skin

There are more than fifty diseases that cause itching hard to cure, said Glenn Giesler Jr. of the University of Minnesota

When I scratch my head at the point where it itches, fading svrbni switch in the foreseeable cord, the researchers who believe that their findings will help in finding better treatments for disorders associated with itching. Tests on monkeys showed that scratching interruption signal to the brain. Understanding this phenomenon may lead to new treatments for people who have AIDS or Hodgkins disease that cause itching not easily relieved by antihistamines or steroid creams. There are more than fifty diseases that cause itching hard to cure, said Glenn Giesler Jr. of the University of Minnesota. His study came out in the journal Nature Neuroscience. Earlier studies with his colleagues showed that neurons in a separate part of the spinal column called spinotalamicki tract become very active when the skin put a substance that causes itching. Giesler says that an itching sensation, which is one form of pain signals, is sent to the thalamus in the brain, but is not yet clear how scratching breaks up the signal. Scientists have studied the monkeys is that the nerves when scratching occurs. Small electrodes are attached to individual nerve fibers responsible for transmission of itch signals to the brain. Then the monkeys were injected under the skin of a substance that would make them zasvrbjelo. If scratched, says Giesler, signal itch would disappear, as if by magic.

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