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Relieve stress

We tend to blame stress for everything bad happens to us, from heart disease continue, but all it seems, is yet just another medical myth

The next time the minus sign in a bank account feel anxious when they are threatening that might reduce the number of employees in your office or when health decreases the possibility of free treatment, consider again the devil is always quite so black as it seems at one time. Doctor Marios Kyriazis, English expert in geriatrics, says that there are many examples which show that stress is not always a one way street that leads inevitably to illness or premature death as most of us assumed. Declared guilty to all In reality, providing short-lasting, stress can do wonders for our immune system and even slow the aging process, preserving not only mental health. In particular, it relates to Alzheimers disease, arthritis and certain cancers. We tend to blame stress for everything bad happens to us, from heart disease continue, but all it seems, is yet just another medical myth. Experts say that it is far from being true that stress is perhaps necessary for survival. - I advise people to seek their own sometimes a bit of stress because it will live longer. Currently the current recession, often you think you might lose your job, but for some people it will be good for their health. Specifically, entering into a routine, life without any complications and the uniformity of water before the disease than short-term stress - explains Kyriazis, otherwise the President of the British Society for the prolongation of life and the author of Anti-Aging Medicines. He adds that the degree of stress at the most. Some scientists say that the crux of the matter is that the middle and variable stress increases the benefit to the organism producing regenerative proteins that feed the brain cell function and increasing their capacity. Specifically, these cells strengthen nerve connections and pathways psychological recovery that will be destroyed over the years. Increased resistance In particular, the short-term stress is good for brain function, so we can preserve and even some neurological diseases. Some researchers also suggest that stress may create resistance to greater production of estrogen, and thus protects against breast cancer, particularly hormone-dependent one. Another study showed that people who have variable levels of stress before surgery have a quicker recovery after surgery than those who have too low a level of stress. It was also established that children of mothers who have high levels of stress hormone cortisol during pregnancy were developmentally more advanced than children of mothers with low levels of cortisol. Interestingly, the research conducted by scientists at the University of Texas, which found that most people who spent most of their working lives in undemanding job is less than 43 percent higher risk of premature death. They claim that this is proof that a certain dose of pressure at work can reduce trips to the doctor and health problems. - Consider whether it is logical. If your body is under stress, to stimulate a continuous immune response, which means that it strengthen the provocation - Kyriazis said. Stress against the flu You tend to colds? Its time to shoot some adrenaline into the body. It will help sometimes short deadlines for the completion of work or a difficult interview for a new position. In fact, all it can to stimulate the hormones and the immune system to prepare for the imminent threat. This means that they will improve heart function and prepare the body to cope with infections. A study on the impact of stress on women showed that a short work stress on mental and physical activity before the occurrence of influenza causes an increase in antibodies or immunity and resistance to this viral disease. However, while experts warn that all these benefits of short-term stress is not related to chronic stress, for example, arises from dugotrajene unemployment or a bad marriage. - Chronic stress Very likely jeopardize not only health but life - says British psychologist Anna Phillips. With this opinion agrees, and our psychologist Professor. Dr. Dubravka Miljkovic to Teacher Education Faculty, which points out that some people may well come a change, but anyone can get a good long-term stress. - Some of my friends who nineties left without a job they told me after the initial shock that they actually perpetrated services because they simply started to think differently about work and life in general. They unleashed their jobs and still live much better than the others at the old workplace - said Miljkovic. Some recent studies radene recent years also have shown that acute stress can have health benefits. However, experts say, however, that one can not generalize because if, for example, acute stress lasts 24 hours, then his good performance on the part of people likely to be questionable. Its simply not all equal, and let the situation for some people to be very stressful, while the other will cause only a superficial and short-term reaction. Only in small amounts Point out that it would be unfair not to say that stress in any form can be fatal effect on those who already have problems with the cardiovascular system, or are genetically damaged. They will even lose points favorite soccer team certainly cost health. In short, this new study on the impact of stress on our lives show that everything in moderation, from food to entertainment, organizimu do well. Of excess, it seems, not only hurts the head. So it is with stress, which seems to be desirable in small quantities, and to a large tsunami in the whole organism.

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