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Drug treatment

American and Brazilian scientists have discovered that the brain itself produces proteins that the receptors in it act like marijuana

The discovery could be used to create drugs that eased the pain and opening up an appetite like cannabis, and would have unwanted side effects. These findings could help to create drugs that would activate the THC receptor and tied to them, yet they would not have unwanted side effects that limit the useful properties of marijuana, said Lakshmi A. Devi of the pharmacological department at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. It would be useful to have a drug that activated or blocked the THC receptor, and our study increase the possibility of production of such drugs with fewer side effects. Scientists came to this discovery after first taking the number of small proteins called. peptides from the brains of mice and determine their amino acid sequences. They then compared them with other peptides that are known from before that are connected but not activated receptor-THC and that marijuana acts. Some of them are, however, also activate the receptor. The war on drugs came close to the goal, said Gerald Weissmann, editor of FASEB. Last year, scientists have discovered that the skin makes its own marijuana-like substance. Now we see that the brain produces proteins that act on the marijuana receptors in the head. The next step is to create a drug that will eliminate the bad effects of grass - in other words, better joints,

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