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Care for children - all about health and hygiene for babies and children, baby clothes, children's wear, diaper, dental hygiene and baby food.


DEVELOPMENT BY BEBE months your baby a month and infants from 2 months

How does the development of babies per month? How is he acting baby of the month and the baby of 2 months?

How does the development of babies per month? How is he acting baby of the month and the baby of 2 months? Baby will not sleep much during the first weeks while she recovers from childbirth. This is how babies get hungry every two to three hours so they are as well fed. Many bljuckaju after feeding but until you gain weight normally. The main mode of communication is crying by the time you will learn to distinguish between, crying from hunger cries of discomfort or crying because that is what spasms that can occur around the third week and last until the third month. Your babys eyes are still dark and quite weak eyesight. When you "look" seems to be looking at the cross and the reason for the weaker eye muscles that need strengthening. The movements of the arms and legs are like eg grasp reflex (Pinch the child if they feel in your palm). Sakic still clenched. His eyes fixed on the face of parents when he was near. By the end of the month will see in his eyes, studying the human face and then be quiet and calm. Would recognize the voice and the smell of the mother. Turned on the abdomen will slightly lift the head from the ground. Beginning to reveal their hands. In another month, expressed satisfaction and dissatisfaction, and by the end of the month you can expect her smile. The view is directed toward the sound source, without moving the head during the month will be able to track the subject in the side view of the subject that we climb and descend toward her. Feeding and sleep schedule should stabilize. At the end of the month your baby should be able to own odice head and hold it a short time while on the stomach. Improves muscle tone, staring into the environment. The view focuses on the subject caught the corner of my eye. Hands and feet runs smoother, softer. Soothe herself by sucking, and a voice not only crying but coo. Dies away until it is held or when he heard a human voice. Longer is awake if a person hangs out with her.

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