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Developing baby per month - baby of 3 months, 4 months and 5 months

The development of infant per month is important because your baby changes from month to month. Well, thats what happens in babies of 3 months, 4 months and 5 months.

The development of infant per month is important because your baby changes from month to month. Well, thats what happens in babies of 3 months, 4 months and 5 months. It began the time of the personality of your baby. Your baby wants to get her story, play with it, according to new things. He loves when you joke with her shaking his head, clapping hands or tongue out and of course, will protest if you leave it alone for a long time. The sound of voices and music will soothe and respond to coos and gurgling that can take up to twenty minutes. Until now, held Sakic pressed but now they are relaxing. They shall look on their hands and fingers to practice the movements. When lying on your stomach can lift the head and a little upper chest and the back raised her hand and leads them toward the center of the body. At the end of this month your baby to sleep at ten oclock at night, although sometimes it can evoke, but each child has its own rhythm. By the end of this month your baby will be, while the belly, lean on your elbows and raise the upper body and head about ten seconds. More common mimic, vote and move the body. When we raise itself moves in the direction of the lift. Reflex disappears and capture the palms open. Explores own face, eyes and mouth, hands, and studying their movements. The baby of 4 months Expressed satisfaction when he saw family members and other persons who have known him and what he likes. Likes to "talk" with you. Kosica babys starting to change color and texture and loses kosic he had birth and beginning to get a new, permanent. Eye color also changes. It is also possible to start salivating because the gums are prepared for the eruption of teeth, if not already and start to break out. The body also changes, muscle shaping. While lying on your stomach can support the weight of the head and body with one hand and the head can be kept at an angle of 90 degrees and by the end of the month will keep your head steady. Feel develop further. Can be heard almost as good as an adult, in response to music, and determining the source of sound. He likes to repeat rumors. Color vision and the vision to improve and see distant objects. The sight easily follow objects or a person walking. Even the hand-off to the object. Some babies are four months can turn the back on the abdomen or belly to back. Initially this will do more random until you understand how it works and then forget to leave your child alone for an elevated surface. Head keeps it stable and lift them out for a short time, it can be rotated in all directions. Begins to recognize his name. 5th month Now you can easily turn the back on the abdomen and vice versa. There is a hand-eye coordination is the intention of reaching for the object. Maybe it can even move the object from hand to hand, or catch it with both hands simultaneously. I still put everything into his mouth and chews. Increasingly pronounced syllables. "Yes" is my favorite combination. They may begin to emerge early signs of fear of unfamiliar people. Carefully observe the new face and if it pleases you will reward her smile. If you are seated, or withdraw into a sitting position and stable holding his head upright. Lying on your stomach may be able to stretch out his arms and legs, gently izvijaju─çi back. Everything of his is at hand to touch, hold, twist, waving objects and offer them to the mouth.

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