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Swelling of the fingers

Swelling of the fingers could be caused by problems with the cervical spine as a result of sedentary lifestyle, prolonged forced position of the spine and insufficient physical activity

is recommended to perform exercises for the cervical spine, sometimes stretching over the door of work and the use of an orthopedic pillow. If this does not lead to improvements, it is necessary X-rays of cervical spine and possibly the implementation of physical therapy. Swelling of the fingers in rare cases can be a symptom of some other, usually rheumatic, diseases that require additional medical treatment. Otherwise, the pain in his hands are among the most widespread pain among men and women of all ages. Tingling, swelling or burning symptoms that should not be ignored, especially if you persist. If you react in time, can be prevented by surgical procedures, which are the last option. Hands could, experts say, must devote constant attention, because they serve every day for many daily activities. Hands writing on a computer, cook, wash and do a series of actions that eventually affect the occurrence of changes in the hand. Some of the symptoms may be innate, while others solely depend on our lifestyle and the work you do. ARTHROSIS Among the problems that usually occur the finger arthritis. Arthritis, which usually affects the joints such as knees and hips, never fails to either hand. Often a hereditary disease that occurs more frequently in women. The first symptoms suggestive of arthrosis is pain that occurs in one or more fingers. On the painful area of ​​swelling may occur. Toes hurt more when they repeat certain movements, such as, for example, stirring soup while cooking. Arthritis is often treated with medication and anti-inflammatory gel that can be freely used, because it does not penetrate into the blood rather than directly into the painful area. Sometimes it is used and the laser. Carpal tunnel syndrome This disease is a long tie to work on your computer. No one test conducted at the Mayo Clinic showed that only ten of one hundred cases were associated with work on the computer. Experts are therefore convinced that a common reason for pain, which may result in extinction hand, hormonal changes. In women, this syndrome because it often occurs during pregnancy or during menopause. It connects to is diabetes, although not yet entirely clear reasons why this is so. Tingling in the carpal tunnel syndrome may occur in the first three fingers, starting with the thumb. The good news is that in five out of ten people who told the syndrome do not require surgery. It resorted to only in very severe cases. Often, a cortisone therapy. If problems arise during pregnancy, one must wait for the birth of a child, because then they know the symptoms of withdraw. In menopausal women can be attributed to hormonal therapy. Experts in each case, we recommend drinking two liters of fluid per day, primarily of plain water. As the best preventive measure for those who often work on a computer consult frequently breaks during work and rest your hands. DE QUERVAINOVA DISEASE Pain in the wrist often refers to De Quervainovu disease that is much more common in women. Often occurs in mothers who carry the baby long time or in occupations such as hairdressers or pianists, because they often repeat the same movements. It is an overuse where a lot of uses thumb, and it is always a right hand. The most common solution to these problems is a minor operation that can be performed. Then, often need help fi zijatra, before the patient goes back to normal activities. After the procedure is often immobilize your wrist, and later should be avoided movements that cause pain.

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