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Iron in the body

Iron deficiency and anemia are not the same. It is possible that someone has iron deficiency, but no anemia

For over a century it is known that iron is an essential nutrient that is vitally important for many cell activities. From 500 to 600 million people suffering from anemia caused by iron deficiency, which is a common problem in the world related to diet. Also, the problem are too high because the entries are linked to chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease and cancer. What is particularly true for iron is that it is harmful to have too much and too little. Most of the iron in the body is in two proteins: hemoglobin of red blood corpuscles and the myoglobin of muscle cells. In both, iron receives, transmits and oxygen delivery. It is also part of many enzymes involved in oxidation reactions, reactions that occur in each cell. Iron is also required by enzymes involved in synthesis of amino acids, hormones and neurotransmitters. Iron plays a role in brain development and the immune system. It is essential for the synthesis of neurotransmitters, and studies show poorer cognitive function in school children with anemijom.Manjak iron and anemia are not the same. It is possible that someone has iron deficiency, but no anemia. The term iron deficiency indicates the state emptied iron stores, regardless of how many have been emptied. Anemia due to iron deficiency condition indicates quite emptied iron stores which results in low levels of hemoglobin. Because of anemia caused by iron deficiency, red cells are small and pale. As such they are unable to carry enough oxygen from the lungs to various tissues and is threatened by energy metabolism. The result is fatigue, weakness, headache, apathy, pallor and poor resistance to cold. Hemoglobin is the red pigment of blood, so that the skin of a person visibly brighter complexion pale. In dark-skinned, podo─Źnica which is normally pink becomes very blijeda.Daleko before iron deficiency reflected in erythrocytes and are diagnosed with anemia, show changes in behavior. Even at small reduced levels of iron was reduced working capacity and efficiency. Due to the reduced amount of available energy, all weak activity. There are no obvious symptoms of deficiency, but the characteristics are motivation, apathy, and worse physical condition. Many of the symptoms of iron deficiency can easily be wrongly attributed to problems related to motivation and behavior.

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