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How to lose weight

Research shows that unhealthy diet associated with lack of energy and aggressive personality

Diet is a general term in todays society and is very popular and common. Looking at the past, all around the mid-20th century, the ideal female body was anything but thin. With the advent of war, postwar social phenomena and modeling, somewhere in the sixties ideals changed in the gorgeous skinny / boyish. With a certain increase in awareness about health, ubiquitous today are very skinny models, the new number of garments such as 0 or 32, most products with a "light" version. Period when there is awareness of the diet is adolescence. In the first attempts at removing the weight of the girls get feedback from their environment: "How nice slim" or "where your child be?". These adolescents may be given a sort of sense of power (over your body) and if it does not return to their normal diet, may, unfortunately, go astray. Today it may be more common eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, or repetitive diets that result in a "yo-yo" effect. As we see, however, go on a diet is still primarily a psychological process, and psychologists say that the following factors may trigger the decision: The image of himself - begins with the child as a response to the internal image of yourself. Self-image is different than how others see us. If an individual has a satisfactory picture of himself and feels good, despite the perception of others about its "thickness" will not go on a diet. In the reverse direction, it can lead to eating disorders, anorexia or bulimije.Osobine personality - Research shows that unhealthy diet associated with lack of energy and an aggressive personality. Challenging behavior towards food is associated with lower self-esteem, sensitivity to stress, social anxiety, higher self-consciousness and preoccupation that we see drugi.Dominacija physical or intellectual - in each developmental phase of life, the ratio of concentration on the body and the mind is different. Kids love to test their sensory modalities: Provides a variety of toys in his mouth, listening to sounds. The schools focus on intellectual property because it teaches a lot of new information. During adolescence, physical appearance becomes dominant: the girls are buying cosmetics, selects the (peculiar) style of dress, new hair style. Thinking about expectations This is a period when it begins the first child because peers have a very strong influence on the self-image. Through a mental process, the focus is on the body. In subsequent years, the most common mental and physical balance. And people often want to look like ten years ago and one of the solutions considered the children. Finally, later in life, everything comes to light the importance of moving out of focus and mental harmony tjelesnog.Samoefikasnost - not the same as self-efficacy and self-esteem or confidence, although it may involve both. Self-efficacy is a reflection on our expectations, we want to affect the results you want. If the perceived self-efficacy is small, the individual will not even start a diet. It shall be helpless and think that there is no power to influence their weight. If its a great self-efficacy, will start with a plan, desire and motivacijom.Mo┼że conclude that poorer self-image one of the triggers for the child. The decision on a diet is a mental process that is focused on the physical. The decision on a diet and nutritional habits to a lesser extent, influence personality traits, and for the success of the diet is an important high level of self-efficacy. It is interesting that people who are on a diet, they say that their inability to make a life change is in fact the greatest obstacle to the success of a child. Thus, new research suggests that dieters need flexibility and professional assistance in order to be successful. This can include motivational interviewing, support groups or counseling.

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