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Advices about health like recognising symptoms of allergies, depression, treatment of alcoholism, best medicine for migraines. Everything from healthy food to health insurence.


Food for immunity

From imunoprotektora to point out the spices (garlic, hot red peppers, hot peppers and chili), honey, echinacea, zinc, iron, selenium, vitamin C

IMUNOPROTEKTORI. Between nutrition and immunity is a solid connection. An unbalanced diet will badly affect the development of defense capabilities. One serving is 2 oz of milk or yogurt, 2 slices of hard cheese, one triangle of cheese for smearing, 100 g of cottage cheese. Or, roughly, about half a liter of milk or equivalent milk products. Select milk and dairy products with lower fat content. They have less fat, but calcium is better exploited. Preventing the occurrence of osteoporosis begins in childhood, proper diet with enough calcium, which are rich in dairy products, especially hard cheese (eg parmesan) and regular physical activity which prevents deformities of the skeletal system.

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