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Bloodshot eyes

Does not help to wash, soak the tissue in cold water, drain it and place over closed eyes. Tilt your head back, or better still, lying sprawled on his back

Even a slight draft can cause discomfort. What to do when it appears embarrassing redness? Probably not the first time you do something like this happens then you know the cause: smoky and sultry air, insufficient sleep, contact with irritating substances, a foreign body that you are entering the eye. If it comes to which of these last two items, contact an ophthalmologist. In any case, thoroughly flush the eyes with water until completely remove the substance which they nadražuje.Na way to the first aid possibly itchy eyes can be mitigated with a tissue soaked in water, but do not push it but it just gently to adhere the eye. I keep the other eye, as far as possible, zatvorenim.Što do now? If your eyes are lowering due to overuse of vision, stop for a while what you are doing no matter how urgent and important was .* Rinse your face with fresh water * does not help you wash, soak the tissue in cold water, drain it and place over closed eyes. Tilt your head back, or better still, lying sprawled on his back * If you are in a smoky room, try to get a few minutes and refresh the eyes (rinsing with water). If it is not possible to tilt at least through prozorŠto do in the next few days? * Good nights sleep and rest * How to get rid of red eyes for a big job, lie down and place over closed eyes moist and limp oblogŠto should always do? * Every morning generously sprinkle the eyelids and eye area with fresh water. It is not only refreshing, but it helps the eyes eases the daily stress * If you wear contact lenses, remove them regularly to the cornea rest and get enough oxygen * kPosebno lighting is important in the workplace. The ideal is natural light that falls on the left, but not directly on the screen if you work with computers. Avoid the light that falls directly in the eye and too light to be reflected in the bright areas * If you have been prescribed glasses, be sure to wear them! If you do not really want to wear contact lenses use * Do not watch TV at a distance less than three meters. Very long watching the small screen can tire your eyes * In China, avoid the first and last lines, because the eye is important to have your back and shoulders relaxed and youre far enough from the screen.

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