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Fear of thunderstorm

Older children can help educate on how caused lightning and thunder, but the daughter can teach and the likelihood of an accident caused by lightning

ASTRAFOBIJA, fear of lightning and thunder, is one of the most common fears among children. Fortunately, the phobia does not interfere with daily functioning, and it is very likely that you will pass with time. Keep in mind that the behaviors that the parent pays attention tend to be stood up. Carefully measure out how you can deal with this problem. But here are some strategies that can help you. Education of older children can help educate on how lightning and thunder occur, but the daughter can teach and the likelihood of an accident caused by lightning. Because of his limited experience children often overestimate the probability of the event. When I hear that something happened to someone, immediately believe that this will happen to them. You can learn a daughter, and that account how far away the lightning sees it. After he saw the light, a number of seconds. If you have waited three seconds from the lightning strike, it means that lightning is about a mile away, if it has been five seconds a mile. Avoiding this way of dealing with fear, although often effective, it is always questionable. Do you avoid the subject of their fear, we never have the opportunity to learn through experience how much is actually harmless. Yet, in a situation where a child is extremely frightened, well we will get any solution, then why should not it be a simple and practical? One of the ways that children usually reveal itself, is hiding. When children are afraid of the dark, leave a light on them. When you are afraid of thunder, we can get into the box from the bag, in a room that has the best sound and light isolated. If the weather forecast predicts bad weather, plan a trip to the cinema. Coping While it is considered the finest way of coping with fear, do not overdo it. Do not force the situation to her worst (eg alone in a room in the dark, until it thunders). It is better to take small steps, what is the easiest - and it will probably be to survive a storm in your company. The positive association when a storm begins, organize a pleasant atmosphere. You can ušuškati together under a blanket and sit back in front of your favorite cartoon. You can listen to loud music and the whole family to persuade the crazy dance. If the fear is so great that it paralyzes, it is easy to embrace, promise her that you will protect it and take it in his arms while a storm passes. Some things you can do before the bad weather. Invent a story in which lightning illuminate a path or discover treasure, a lightning drive off evil. Draw a small lightning in a large flower, myself and her that under the blanket watching a cartoon while lightening outside. Learn to use your imagination. The funny monster can repel lightning, or eat them. Support Respect her feelings of fear. Do not make fun, comfort and uvjeravajte that is safe. Remind her the things that used to be afraid, but now they are no longer afraid. Learn a relaxation technique (see it on the Internet!), Visualization (can be in my thoughts go to his favorite, a safe place), breathing (an idea that her lungs, which slowly deflated balloons). Praise the slightest improvement in coping with fear, and do not criticize when fear is overwhelming. It is especially important that you stay calm. Do not be afraid of her fear. Your calmness provides the best feeling sigurnosti.Ne have to do all of the above. Try what you think best, and monitor the reaction of his daughter. Let it leads. Maintain a strategy to work, forget the rest. And the question is how will any of this need. Summer rains were over, until next summer, everything can be changed. It will not take long, and it will instead study the prognosis of his face and the fear of possible blemishes.

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