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Language disease

You feel a lump that is not due to accidental bites. Look for white or red spots, yellow-gray spots, or thickening of tissue. Anyone can be a sign of mouth cancer

Watch out for changes in color and appearance jezika.To is no pain, no means no problem. Visit the dentist if the problem persists for ten days. Dark or hairy These stains can be a colony of bacteria that are "painted" Coffee, tea or tobacco smoke. Regularly clean the tongue, a doctor may prescribe antibiotics if infection is present. Redness and pain you Language is very red and painful? Maybe its glossitis, which is the medical term for painful and swollen tongue. It is more common in men than in women and may be a sign of vitamin deficiency, infection or even allergies to certain foods. Intensified by smoking and alcohol. Visit the doctor who will prescribe the necessary medication to treat symptoms.

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