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Tablets for allergies

If you know you are allergic to suffer from hay fever or other types of allergies, you can help yourself by taking anti-allergy tablets

Allergy is a disease that is more frequent and which affects every year more and more people. About 25 percent of the Croatian population, like the whole world suffers from some of the many types of allergies. In the last decade, their number doubled, and continues to grow inexorably. According to experts, approximately half the population of Europe suffers from allergic symptoms. Pollution, global warming, excessive use of various cleaning and sl.uzrok the ever increasing number of allergies. An allergy is an exaggerated reaction to a substance which under normal conditions are not dangerous, then, is a violent allergic reaction to the wrong stimuli. The most common substances that cause allergies (allergens) are pollen, grass, trees and weeds, dust mites and feathers, animal hair or contact allergies to metals (eg nickel), food and other factors in our environment. Out of your If you know you are allergic to suffer from hay fever or other types of allergies, you can help yourself and take Belodin. By now you should see a doctor to prescribe medicine for allergy symptoms, there alisada Belodin - the first anti-allergy medication that can be purchased without prescription at your local pharmacy. Belodin a cure for self-medication allergies and most appropriate means for treating symptoms of seasonal and perennial allergic rhinitis and allergic skin reactions. Relieves symptoms of allergies such as allergic rhinitis, hay fever, ie whether it occurs seasonally or throughout the year. When allergic rhinitis is an inflammation of the nasal mucosa, which is reflected runny nose, sneezing, wheezing and itchy nose and itchy, burning feeling in the eyes. Belodin applies in the case of allergies that occur on the skin such as chronic urticaria and other allergic skin disorders that are manifested pale-red, raised skin changes to monitored itching. It is very safe to use and does not cause unpleasant side effects such does not cause drowsiness or increased appetite and can be used and drivers. Grazaxom against hay fever Market have appeared recently and the new tablet containing grass pollen. They are intended to treat children suffering from severe hay fever. The new drug is intended for children aged 5-17 years, and is produced by pharmaceutical companies, "ALK". Tablets are taken once a day under the tongue where they are allowed to dissolve. Immunotherapy, or Hyposensitisation involves treatment with small doses of highly purified extracts of allergens (such as grass pollen), which builds the immune system and allows patients to tolerate higher doses of allergen. This helps in reducing the intensity or even completely prevent allergic reactions, experts believe. The new tablets work by controlling the symptoms of the disease and to fight the cause of allergies, and is recommended for children who have severe bouts of hay fever. Researchers argue that the tablet Grazax proved effective in numerous previous studies. Children who take Grazax tablets along with other traditional therapy, such as antihistamines and nasal steroids, for example, had 27% fewer symptoms during the hay fever season, compared to children who were taking only traditional therapy. Dr. Adam Fox, an allergist in London, deleting these tablets the words commented: "Grazax give us the opportunity to treat a major cause of allergies in our patients, not just the symptoms, and therefore the ejection of the tablets on the market in the UK a great thing to for pediatricians, but also for their patients.

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