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Allergies in pregnancy

Allergy in pregnancy can be very uncomfortable for the mother, but also dangerous for her and her child

The word allergy is used for a certain group of unpleasant or dangerous symptoms that some people get from substances that are harmless to most others. In fact, allergies are almost always safe for those people who are now allergic to a substance. Radama is not allergic, but become allergic as a result of contact with substances that cause allergies. Only rarely does an allergy develops even before birth. An allergy is actually scheduling the immune system. The immune system we need in order to protect themselves from infection, and without him we would soon die. There are cases in which our immune system can cause disease (allergy). Scientists use the word allergy when you think of any altered state of the immune system, in which he reacts differently to the substance of the response at first contact. When referring to the disease in this form, use the term allergic disease. Allergy in pregnancy can be very uncomfortable for the mother, but also dangerous for the mother and child. Depends on what type of allergy is and what is the strength of allergic reactions. In most allergy prevention is avoidance of allergens and to strengthen the immune system. There are two types of allergies: set of similar allergies that cause fever, allergic asthma, allergies to medications, food allergies. In these allergies characteristic is very fast reaction that manifests itself usually within 15 minutes and call it the current sensitivity. " dermatitis or skin rash (eczema), which arises due to contact with various materials, metal, some kind of clothing, etc. It can cause makeup, adhesive patches or any other substance that comes in contact with skin. Such a reaction is slower, it may appear, and after two days, and we call it postponed sensitization. These two groups of diseases are completely different, and if you have a type, does not mean that you will develop another. However, in different periods of life, sensitivity to some allergens may be more or less pronounced. It may appear a new allergy to a substance to which hitherto you were not allergic, it can also happen to be allergic to another matter entirely withdrawn. How to deal with allergies? Allergies have a pretty difficult life. They have to be careful where they go and when you eat or touch it (depending on allergies). They should not go to some exotic places when you travel because it can be dangerous to their lives. Allergy is a chronic disease and most people receive different medications as allergy prevention or to relieve symptoms of allergies. During pregnancy, these medications are not recommended, so the doctor is very likely to abolish the dose. During pregnancy it is necessary to avoid committing allergens, strengthen the immune system and, if it comes to allergies, however, alleviate the symptoms with natural products. Of course, if the condition is caused by an allergy difficult to immediately contact your doctor. Allergic reactions Many systems that describe the allergies do not provide detailed information on all of the symptoms, but heres a list of the possible symptoms (one or more of the specific allergy): - Eyes - blurred vision, itching, watery eyes, pain in bright light; - bleferospazam (twitching eyes), swelling, redness .- digestive tract - dry mouth, sore mouth, itching in the mouth (chin and throat), baking, toothache, reflux (burping with unpleasant taste in the mouth), various forms of indigestion, difficulty swallowing, cramps or constipation; - the heart - very striking and rapid pulse (tachycardia) - lungs - asthma (crunch, choking, šlajm, the pressure in the lungs) the infection; - muscles - fatigue, pain, cramps, - Nervous system - headache, dizziness, drowsiness, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, intoxication, voice amnesia; - skin - itching and burning, redness and burning, the temperature, many insect stings (ants, bees ...) that cause pimples, blisters, etc., - urinary tract - difficulty urinating, and problems with controlling urination; - ear-nose-throat - stuffy nose, sneezing, itching of the nose, flu, currently the hearing impaired, ringing in the ears, a complication of middle ear (loss of balance), infection. Keep in mind that some allergies so severe they can cause death. A large number of food allergies is the same, mostly because the toxins are completely absorbed into the blood after drinking? Allergies to medications If you have an allergy to any drug is certainly on notifications regarding your doctor and staff that will receive the maternity ward. Allergic reactions to drugs can be dangerous, so if you are allergic you will not be allowed to take some painkillers and some medication that you might otherwise have given during or after childbirth. How to protect against allergies during pregnancy? Basically - avoid contact with allergens and strengthen the immune system. With food allergies avoid foods that you know youre allergic, and one that is otherwise highly allergens: nuts, eggs, cows milk and shellfish (sometimes, wheat and soybeans). Allergy to pollen should avoid places of high concentration of pollen in the air. Allergy to animal hair, avoid contact with animals or people who hold them. For allergies to house dust (mites) Regularly clean household and ask someone for you to clean the household, and you leave the room to fully ventilation. Is it hereditary allergies? There are genes that can cause an allergic reaction. The tendency to develop immediate hypersensitivity, which is more common than most people called atopy. Atopy occurs if a substance causes certain types of allergies in contact with the superficial (mucosal) membranes of the digestive or respiratory system, and it is quite possible that this applies to certain substances that come into contact with skin. Since it is possible to inherit more than one gene, and that some people are prone to atopy than others. If this is your case, you will probably be allergic to many substances. If youre a small or moderate atopic, you will probably be allergic to only a few allergens. Every third man atopican which means that there are always countless people prone to allergies. However, the development of allergies depends not only on genes but also the environment in which you live. Scientists expect the future to find out why allergies occur. The development of allergies to pollen The environment is very important for the development of allergies. Those who live in a place where there is no pollen, it will not have hay fever, but for the occurrence of allergy are required, and other conditions. One of them is the month of birth on which depends the reporting of hay fever. Thus, if a person is exposed to substances that cause allergies in the first 3-6 months of age, will likely be sensitive to allergens, and when he grows up, or early childhood there is a vulnerable period. It is this knowledge has led to attempts to allergies cause allergy in the first months of life. In addition, it is less likely that people have eczema, hay fever or a positive skin test for allergies if you have more older brothers or sisters. Why? It seems that people with lots of brothers and sisters in infancy more infections, produced more antibodies to the bacteria and viruses. When our immune systems equipment creating a lot of similar types of antibodies as those against germs, it can also create antibodies to allergies.

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