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A vaccine against the HIV virus

Experimental vaccine against HIV virus that causes AIDS reduces the risk of infection by 31 percent, officials said Thai Ministry of Public Health and representatives of the U.S. Army

They argue that this results in a large study involving 16,000 Thai volunteers, a director of the Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci, says that so far the results are modest, but promising. Specifically, in making the vaccine strain was used, which is most prevalent in Thailand, just so they do not yet know whether it was effective in other parts of the world such as Africa where the most deaths from The study used a combined vaccine is made up of ALVAC and AIDSVAX vaccine that should work to stimulate the immune system to attack the HIV virus, and the second part of the stronger immune response. The test was attended by women and men aged 18-30 years with average risk of infection. All of the vaccine and get instructions for safe sex, including condom. Then they tested every six months. To infection occurred in 51 out of 8197 people as they were immunized with 74 of 8198 which received bogus vaccine. This implies that a 31 percent lower risk of HIV was vaccinated for. However, the vaccine had no effect on the level of HIV in the blood of those who are infected, suggesting that the vaccine can limit damage to the immune system. Otherwise, this is the third vaccine against HIV since in 1983. The virus appeared. Unfortunately, the first two attempts have failed and with it the evidence of long-term effectiveness of this new vaccine variants need additional tests.

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