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Symptoms of hyperthyroidism

My thyroid hormone affects almost all metabolic processes in the body. Her hormones regulate calorie consumption and energy production in the body, affecting heart rate, digestion, muscles, blood cholesterol, and even the psychological state of man.

ALL OVER us who have Baram around one person in your vicinity that has any of thyroid disease. And even the famous athletes Janica Kostelic and Vlasic were affected by these diseases. Due to the increasing incidence of these diseases, it is necessary to write and talk about them, so that each individual at the time noticed the symptoms and avoid the potential long-term consequences. Hyperthyroidism is a disease caused by increased secretion of thyroid hormones. It can develop at any age, although most often in women between the 20th and 50 year. The male is 3-4 times less frequently, though, and with them the disorder more common. Symptoms of hyperthyroidism depends on the cause of the disease and on the strength of disorder. The most common symptoms are: - Anxiety, behavioral changes, weakness and fatigue - Hand tremor, rapid and uneven heartbeat, palpitations, shortness of breath, even at rest - Increased discomfort being in warm rooms and harder submission heat, excessive sweating - Often perform bowel movements, diarrhea, and sometimes - The hair is thin, silky, prorijedena and often decreases, and the nails are brittle, break easily and are separated from the reservoir; - Weight loss - The skin is warm, moist and soft, and sometimes appears red palms and limited areas of skin depigmentation (vitiligo) - In women, it is possible appearance of irregular periods or complete loss mjesecnice - At Basedowljeve disease is very common (although not always present) finding exophthalmos on the eyes: the characteristic view eyelids apart, rarely blinking, eyelid lag with respect to the above, and the eyes are often tears. Reduced sharpness of vision may indicate damage to the optic nerve. - Goiter, painless enlarge the thyroid gland - Bold nails - Redness and swelling at the top of the shins and feet. This disease is diagnosed based on patient tegba, thyroid palpation, where you can feel its zoom or knotty structure. Important diagnostic method is the analysis of thyroid hormone levels, ultrasound of the puncture and scintigraphy with radioactive iodine. It is not always necessary to do all these tests. Treatment of this disease is done in three ways: First Antithyroid drugs (tireostatici) Second radioactive iodine Third surgically removing part or the whole thyroid. After the treatment or removal of the thyroid in its entirety, people often go to a state of hypothyroidism or decreased thyroid hormone secretion, or total lack of these hormones. Then they are given superseding therapy. According to the recommendations of experts, adults, especially women, should begin with examination of thyroid hormones in the 35th age, the same examinations repeated every five years. Hyperthyroidism which is untreated it can seriously affect many aspects of your health. Over time can lead to increased heart rate, atrial fibrillation, or even stop the heart. Therefore, pay attention to your health, your thyroid gland!

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