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Diet with eggs

Significantly less caloric intake males who eat eggs for breakfast compared with those who eat a breakfast of equal energy value, but without the protein, according to a recent survey conducted by Maria Luz Fernandez, associate professor of nutritional sciences at the American University of Connecticut

There is increasing evidence attesting to the exceptional importance of high-quality protein in their diet for health in general, and particularly emphasizes how important it is that proteins are just part of breakfast - said prof. Fernandez. Thus, some research suggests that people with excessive body weight on a diet to lose 65 percent more weight and feel more energetic after eating eggs for breakfast, but after eating a carbohydrate baking the same energy value. The secret seems to be the fact that one egg contains 147 calories of high biological value and all the essential amino acids that can meet the total needs of the organism to grow and develop. The study points out that the biological value of protein in food is measured precisely by comparison with the egg, because it amounts to 93.7 percent.

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