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How to lose weight after giving birth

Women who slept five hours a night, with six months or less children are more likely to keep five pounds a year after giving birth

discovered, namely, that mothers who slept five hours a day or less retained more weight than those of mothers who slept more during the first year of age. Pregnant women throughout pregnancy should gain an average of nine to 12 pounds, but many accumulate more, as after birth, and more difficult to remove. Women must be given more weight during pregnancy because the child, but not more than is necessary. Second trimester is a time when the most to gain weight: 5.4 pounds .- It is known that intermittent sleep associated with gaining weight and obesity in the general population, but this study shows that adequate sleep, even just two hours more sleep , it is important for nutrition, exercise and general health of mothers who wish to return to their pre-pregnancy weight - said Erica Gunderson of the clinic in Kaliforniji.Gunderson in collaboration with colleagues conducted a study at Harvard Medical School in Boston, which included 940 women before and after birth .- Women who slept five hours a night or less with a six-month children are more likely to keep five pounds a year after childbirth, women who slept seven or more hours each night have lost more weight - was published in the American Journal Epidemiology in the study whose results replicated and Reuters. However, researchers are aware that the mothers, however difficult to sleep while you have a baby .- with the results of the study can only say that new moms have to ask, "How can I better get some sleep for both of them, and for me and for my baby?" Our team is still working on the new study, which should make it easier for mothers to find answers to this question.

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