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Homeopathy - Allergy

Homeopathy takes a high second place in the world according to the number of those who use it to treat their health problems and is located just behind traditional Chinese medicine

Allergies are the disease today, the biggest problem of modern times and are steadily increasing. 100 years ago the word "allergy" is not even there. The results of a new British study showed that the number of people who have developed an allergy for the past 25 years the rise and that of the mid-seventies every ten years the number of patients increases by 5 percent. What worries scientists is that the cause of the increase is unknown. A common cause of allergies are todays processed foods are "enriched" to thousands of chemical additives then dust mites, pollen, animal, insect stings, drugs, mold, a kind of food. A healthy organism antibody protects against viruses, bacteria and infections. For allergy-sufferers immune system mistakenly recognizes the allergen as an enemy and starts to produce antibodies to defend against them. These antibodies, called immunoglobulin E (IgE) binding to mast cells, which are in abundance beneath the surface of the skin, nose, eyes, lungs and gastrointestinal tract. When you find the IgE allergen, seized him, causing mast cells to produce powerful chemicals, including histamine. This can cause an allergic reaction. The organism responds by inflammation, which causes the various symptoms of hay fever, asthma, eczema and other symptoms. In fact it is the improper functioning of the immune system. Symptoms of an allergic reaction depends on how, in any way the allergen enters the body. For example, pollen, which is inhaled through the nose, usually causes symptoms in the nose, eyes, sinuses and throat. The familiar reaction to pollen, allergic rhinitis, or hay fever. Allergic reactions often occur simultaneously in different parts of the body. Allergy symptoms can range from mild to severe and life threatening. Can affect the skin, respiratory system, gastrointestinal system and cardiovascular system. Treatment of Allergies You must have already heard that classic allergy medicine does not cure. All medicines for allergies act in such a way that removing or alleviating the symptoms of allergies. These drugs block the reaction of the immune system, or, in severe cases, suppresses the entire immune system with antihistamines, local and systemic steroids. While this approach can help, he offers only relieve the symptoms and does nothing to solve the real cause of the disease. Patients depend on their medication and suffer from many side effects. The worst thing in all this is to continually suppress your immune system, which further aggravates their condition. A healthy body is able to protect itself from disease. Conversely, a weakened immune system may be the cause of many health problems, including allergies. Modern therapeutics using a fragmented view of human being. If the liver is affected by giving something to the liver, runny nose, if you give the drug to the nose .... If you look common man, we can easily recognize that he is a complete organism which manifests itself at three levels, namely the mental, emotional and physical level. How Homeopathy cures allergies? Homeopathy takes a high second place in the world according to the number of those who use it to treat their health problems and is located just behind traditional Chinese medicine. Homeopathy is an effective system of treatment, based on a comprehensive and individual approach to patient prescribed homeopathic remedies. Using homeopathic remedies established disturbed the balance of the patient. Samoiscjeljujuće homeopathic remedy stimulates the organism and to the mental, physical and emotional level of a person. Devotees of homeopathy follow the ancient medical principles, which are very successfully applied even doctors in ancient Greece: "like cures like." For example, allergies accompanied by watery eyes and runny nose, can be successfully treated with preparations of onion (Allium cepa) because these symptoms occur with a fully healthy person if they accept cutting onions. Specifically, each homeopathic remedy acts as a desired pulse which successfully stimulates samoiscjeljujuće and defensive forces of the body and helps the suffering person as an integral being again reached equilibrium, and thus perfect health. Therapist uses a detailed interview (anamnesis) to determine each patients constitution medicine. An individual approach is important because no two people are equal even in sickness and in health. Homeopaths aim not only relieve the patients current symptoms, but also its long-term health. Therefore, the clinical interview the homeopath needs to get a knowledge of the sensitive and unique reactions of the patients defense mechanisms to different stresses to which they are exposed. This conversation sometimes takes 1-2 sata.Smatra that all symptoms of imbalance in the expression of the whole man, so it is necessary to treat the patient rather than disease. Homeopathic remedies can be mineral, vegetable, animal and organic origin. The original substance is gradually diluted with rhythmic shaking. As the reduced mass of the physical substance, thus increasing its energy value. This procedure is called potentiation, ie, gaining strength. Preparations are very diluted, so they can be toxic, do not cause any side effects, there is no possibility of getting used to them. Taking the right ingredients of people fully back into balance and health, and the speed of healing depends on its vitality. Treatment that suppresses the symptoms do not have healing properties, but has only a symptomatic effect, slows the healing process with multiple process leads to a chronic condition. This again leads us to new diseases. If in earlier times of food shortages, hygiene, living conditions, medical care, we now have all too much and become ill from the abundance that we have available. Poor prognosis due to the destruction of nature contribute to pollution and numerous radiation that surrounds us. Since we do not react the right way, do not pay attention to the cause of the person as a whole, over time the disease becomes more severe, requiring increasing doses of allopathic medicines. It makes no sense systematic tablets against pain of toothache, the dentist has to go and fix or remove broken tooth. An allergy is a sign of imbalance of the immune system and often cause significant interference in the life of the patient. In order to pollen allergy cured in the long run, it requires a constitutively preparation. However, due to the severity of the condition during the acute crisis, we may be forced to acute regulation. However, when the crisis passes, the patient must return to his old remedy. Allergic diseases generally respond well to homeopathic treatment. However, the disease can be persistent, and in some cases must go through three to four seasons that the crisis is completely cut off. Only if we find constitutionally remedy at a time when the patients body does not fight with an acute attack comes to healing. After giving such preparations, the attacks of hay fever each year will be weaker. In case the task of taking us to discover the central disturbance, which lies below the peripheral character pathology. Homeopathy essentially acts to remove the true causes of disease, not just the symptoms. Specifically, symptoms appear as a mere reaction to the cause, and then the outbreak of disease. Therefore, they are only perceptible expression of the efforts of the organism to remove the cause of the disease to the patient could again return to its original healthy ravnotežu.Npr.lijekovi pain only eliminate unpleasant symptom, but just do nothing to treat the causes of pain. Were it not for the warning of pain, did not know that we are sick. Also the use of modern medicines individual symptoms disappear quickly, but that does not mean that their use also means deep, causal treatment. Therefore, the disease almost always returns normally. Its real cause lies in a disturbance within the same person, and enhances its propensity to disease. Specifically, various external or internal causes such as trauma, stress, wrong diet, wrong habits or attitudes, may strongly affect the general condition of the whole organism and, therefore, important to reduce its immunity. Todays science is making tremendous efforts in looking for a real cure for allergies. Homeopathy offers a wide range (over 2000) preparations to successfully treat allergies such as Apis, Urtica urens, Pulsatilla, Allium cepa, Sabadilla, Euphrasia, Rhus tox, Arsenicum album ... Homeopathy is a substitute for conventional medical treatment methods introduced by the famous German physician Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), and not without reason, that is lasting so long.

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