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Homeopathy in the treatment of children

Homeopathy is a natural medical science that has unique advantages over other methods of treatment and therefore the best choice for your child and you

Homeopathy activates the immune system. The homeopathic treatment has been found that those same natural ingredients in large quantities can cause a cluster of symptoms just to improve the condition of patients when used in very small quantities (in homeopathic dilutions). This principle of "similar laws" are also used in conventional medicine in the treatment of allergy (sensitization), vaccines and serums. - Homeopathy in contrast to other methods of treatment has no harmful side effects or contraindications for using the minimum dose (the substance in a high degree of dilution). Being medically active substances in homeopathic remedies come in many infinitesimally low dilutions, homeopathic preparations are not toxic or have adverse side effects. Are diluted by decimal or centesimal scale. - Homeopathy uses only natural ingredients, usually herbs and minerals .- They are completely safe for babies, children and adults .- There are no contraindications between homeopathic remedies and traditional (allopathic) medicine .- Homeopathic remedies for different problems can be used if needed, together .- In homeopathy does not suppress symptoms but to treat the cause of problems. Homeopathy works holistically and comprehensively. Prominent medical journals as the Lancet, British Medical Journal and others regularly publish the results of homeopathic research and accomplishments of homeopathy in the treatment. Expert pediatric journals such as The Journal of the American Pediatric Association also published research on the effects of homeopathic remedies in treating children. Homeopathy, as a special group, located in the Croatian Law on drugs. Homeolabovi preparations correspond to the French, Canadian and U.S. Pharmacopeia. Dosage and method of homeopathic remedies for babies and children Homeopathic remedies are available in different shapes such as pellets (balls), drops or creams. Homeopathic pellets Homeolaba except active substance containing only lactose (milk sugar). They are packaged in multi MACHINE by 80 pellets. Preparations for the baby and give our children the youngest of 3 pellets (pellets) at a time three times a day on the advice of a doctor or homeopath. Children aged 2-12 years give half the adult dose preparations. Dosage is simple: Turn the dispenser cap down and turn the cap. With each screw cap will come out one pellet (pellet) into it. Then open the cap - pour the pellets without touching the mixture with your fingers, to preserve its purity. Babies is the easiest way to give a homeopathic remedy to pellets (balls) dissolve in a little water or cold tea. Give them a baby in a plastic spoon or dudica. More children pour the pellets under the tongue. Let pocuclaju "balls in your mouth like candy and let them bite. Explain to them about ten minutes before and after taking the mixture does not eat, do not use toothpaste or candy flavored with mint, because adverse effects of homeopathy.

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