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Meat Diet - Menu

Protein Thursday became so popular in France that if by chance with his family on Thursday, just go to a restaurant, I can hear people from nearby tables ordered only fish or meat, without vegetables as a side dish or salad

Rest of the world, especially American women, but for decades eternally jealous of skinny French girl who seemed to be narrowing in the moments when he pushed himself into a fine cheese and even finer wine. But their secret is now, it seems, was discovered. Dukan diet France was for ten years, almost holy commandment, and now it has finally begun to spread, and the rest of the world. Dr. Pierre Dukan created it - by accident - while still working as a neurosurgeon. One day a friend approached him, asking him to recommend a diet, and his only desire was to not throw out the meat from the menu. - I told him not to eat anything except protein five days and drank only water. When he returned, he asked me whether it can weigh on my scale, because it seems to him that his corrupt - retold the Dukan. However, a friends scale was not broken. Both were left in shock when they realized that he was in just five days removed 4.5 kilograms. He continued to stick to the plan given in the next five days he lost three more pounds. Dr. Dukan, was so delighted with the effect that the child had on his friends, he decided to leave the neurosurgeon and the next 35 years of his life dedicated to the nutrition and research and development of their child. Unwanted fat Today it is the rate of more than 1.5 million French, and recently they were joined by stars such as Gisele Bundchen and Jennifer Lopez. As her best features stand out long and dramatic results. Its backbone remains are proteins, but Dr. Dukan it was the day when it was without much thought until a friend recommended heavily developed. The child now has four different programs or phases that follow one after the other. A key element that connects all four phases of the protein. Perhaps some people seem to like the Atkins diet, but Dukan, however, is quite different. Given protein serves as an important "strategic weapons" at any stage of a child, and of those who are on a diet is required to stay away from butter and oil - two ingredients that play some of the "major role" in the Atkins diet. Ducan believe that one simply can not be healthy to lose weight by entering into themselves fat. In his diet all starts with the sudden loss of weight in just a few days when you are not allowed to eat anything except protein. The first phase, called the "attack phase" can last for 1:00 to 10:00 day depending on how many pounds in the process you want to lose. In that short period of protein from the body to expel excess fluid, reduce appetite (if you only eat protein, your body will produce ketones, which are powerful natural appetite suppressant), while you maintain muscle mass and healthy looking skin. After the attack phase followed by a period in which to its menu, which is the last day consisted only of meat, fish, non-fat dairy foods ..., begin adding the vegetables in unlimited quantities. During this period, the body should lose about one pound per week. Although you will not lose a kilo in the first phase, you will be healthier, happier and never hungry. Best Thursday When you finally reach your ideal weight, or one that you recommended Dr. Dukan (on his website there is a test that you calculate your ideal weight), begins to phase "empowerment" which slowly re-introduce those foods that you have during the first two phases avoided, such as fruit, bread, cheese, pasta ... A Dukan recommendation is that youre in that period, let even the two "prize meal" a week - without any restrictions. Therefore, alcohol, butter, bread and chocolate ... During this period, do not expect to lose weight, but you will not get anything. It is designed so as not to immediately return to old eating habits. If this plan hold for five days, youll also "cement" the previous weight loss. And when youre done with this stage, and your weight has stabilized, following the fourth, which should last until the end of your life, in which he allowed to do, but with a note. One day a week, until the end of your life, you must determine how to be "protein day". So, a day where you eat only protein in which you will lose everything youve accumulated over the past week. Dukan is recommended that it be Thursday, and most French did so. - Adhering to a "protein days" a week, you immediately lose half to one pound and also to correct any excess that you have accumulated. " A protein Thursday became so popular in France that if by chance with his family on Thursday, just go to a restaurant, I can hear people from nearby tables ordered only fish or meat, without vegetables as a side dish or salad.

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