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Crib death

When he died, Christopher Blum was four months. Father found it in his crib, stiff and cold. The parents were told that their child had died suddenly during sleep, with no known specific cause or disease

What is dead? Answer 20 years of age. The tragedy is that medicine called "crib death". Blum did not believe and still do not believe for a few hours before his death, Christopher received a triple vaccine. That was in July 1987. years, since his body in a mortuary in London, minus eight degrees Celsius in the tray with the label "Baby Blum: deceased." Parents of dead toddler, namely, 20 years refused to sign the death certificate of her son because the paper contains the statement "Sudden Infant Death Syndrome." A terrifying story of a newborn that has never been a decent burial was found during research news stories on the London morgue initiated by Guardian since the British government will soon announce plans to reform the system that is little changed since Victorian times. Blum case is very rare, but certainly not the only one, according to The Journal, whose reporters have come into contact with Christopherovim father, Steve Blum. "Sitting in his living room in Edmonton in north London, who shares with the oldest daughter, 26-year-old Jayne, Blum says he knows that the children of non-registration of death violate the law. It can not be said, forced to sign a paper that says" crib death " , described in The Guardian. I know that sounds awful does not bury it. Its terrible, but whose fault is it? Why would he rather leave that lying there for 20 years then conducted an investigation? - Asks the 20 years after a family tragedy, Steve Blum, who believes that the coverage of the death of a crucial test of blood taken from the child and who claims to have disappeared. And now a safe time to prove that the death Christopherovu wrong triple vaccine. His son describes, that summer day when he died, sitting in its cradle. The mother took him to North Middlesex Hospital after receiving a triple vaccine against whooping cough, polio and tetanus, after which she describes Blum, the child immediately vomited. About seven or eight in the evening they put him in the crib in which it is said, about half past eight found a clenched fist to the head and face on the pillow. Artificial respiration with Christopher tried to revive the neighbor was in vain, and Blum was immediately suspected the vaccine. Then she started a fight in which they had three attorneys and support organization for victims of medical errors. But eventually they all left. I am anxious that this unfortunate man lived with strong feelings and concerns that the investigation did not resolve. I hope that things can be resolved and I wonder if there are words that a man can not face the tragic truth - told the Guardian doctor Bill Dolman, the coroner in North London who has not disputed the radio there. No, uttered a question that appears in most cases, the memory of Blum. Is this parental stress, which is combined with the bureaucracy and other circumstances, crossed the boundaries of bizarre? On a scale of stress for parents is the loss of a child the greatest intensity, and this is an event that brings into question the confidence of a man by the meaning of life, the believer has a God, and shake the whole system from the ground up - explains renowned psychotherapist Zagreb Milan Doe. Most people need a lifetime to come out with the team at the end. In my opinion there is something in the personality structure of these people as this event only intensified. It is not just about losing a child, but also a concept with which they started in pregnancy, and we can say that this is narcissism - Doe explains. The possibility that Blum is right there in theory, will explain the prim. Dr. Milivoj Jovančević, which states that "any foreign matter, if introduced into the body can cause a complication or death." However, continuing Jovančević, must prove a causal connection, and without such indicators, vaccination should not be associated with fatal outcome. What is important is that such things are extremely rare. By far the largest percentage of causes unrelated to the vaccine, but is actually a coincidence. A reason could be many. After all, just a year ago research showed that the most likely cause of cot death in a kind of immaturity in the brain responsible for breathing. At the autopsy is not present can not see - explains Jovančević. No matter how callous it may sound, is an important cause of the tragedy and after 20 years. Proves to be a parents love, or something completely contrary to the long persistence of two decades, while also own Four-child does not have a decent grave? Steve Blum says, all the finish and bury her son. But she refuses to sign a paper claiming that it was a crib death.

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