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Advices about health like recognising symptoms of allergies, depression, treatment of alcoholism, best medicine for migraines. Everything from healthy food to health insurence.


Installing pacemaker

Pacemaker fitted into the heart, not only saves lives but also increases a patients quality of life. However, the batteries in the device eventually wear out and need to be replaced

For example, Arne Larsen first man to whom in 1958. The pacemaker died in 2001. in 86-years old. However, in this period changed as much as 26 pacemakers. Now, however, researchers from several universities are working to develop biological pacemaker based on stem cells. For example, scientists from Japans Chiba University from stem cells taken from mouse tissues "grown" cells similar to those in heart tissue. They were then injected into the heart of rats that had a decreased heart rate, and after a week noticed a significant improvement. - Stai─Źna therapy could replace electronic devices. Our goal is to create a biological pacemaker - said Dr. Toshinao Takahashi of the University of Chiba.

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