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Damage occurring after prolonged exposure to extremely low temperatures, and are often caught in the peripheral parts of the body: the nose, ears, fingers, hands and feet

Experts say that with warm clothes and shoes, before exposure to cold should avoid alcohol and cigarettes, in order for better circulation. If, however, to the creation of frostbite, frozen body parts should be lightly ugrijavati, and not expose them to sudden high temperatures with heaters or water bottle because they can cause even greater damage. To prevent these injuries, before the heat treatment of local injuries should spend warming up inside the body by entering the patient into a warm room, and giving warm napitaka.Nakon raising the internal temperature should start warming up frozen body parts in the initial water temperature 10-15 degrees C. The water temperature is gradually increases every 5 minutes to 5 degrees C, up to a maximum temperature of 40 degrees C. Rubbing the frozen part of the body or the hands of snow is also prohibited because it regularly causes even greater damage and creates favorable conditions for infection. Untreated frostbite can finish and gangrene.

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