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Herbs marigold

Calendula tea contains polysaccharides and saponins, which are soluble in water, and tea can be used as an excellent means of washing and cleansing

Extracts of this plant is located in the preparations for the care and beautification of the body, and teddy bears reason for the title of the skins best friend. Except for skin care, calendula is effective in treating indigestion. When we talk about skin care, calendula is often used to soften chapped skin and groups. Tea made from marigolds contain polysaccharides and saponins, which are soluble in water, and tea can be used as an excellent means of washing and cleansing. Poultice of calendula in wound or cuts to stop bleeding and accelerate healing. The essential oil of calendula have healing properties and speeds healing of wounds. Studies confirm that even teddy accelerates healing burns. Aqueous distillates marigold helps with skin rashes and irritations, and can be applied directly to the rash, or used as a base for a cream or lotion. For starters take a dried calendula petals and put them in a jar. Take a bit of olive, almond or similar oil in them cover the petals. It is extremely important that the petals until the end of the dry and completely covered with oil, otherwise the mold may develop. Thus prepared mixture let stand for two weeks, then strain through gauze. "Domestic" oil calendula can be used alone or added to creams and lotions. In addition to helping with rashes and burns caused by the sun, oil, calendula effectively nourishes and rejuvenates the skin.

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