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How to remove stretch marks

If the grooves are just pink, just use a damp and nourishing body cream. The most effective are moisturizers with herbal oils that enhance the skins elasticity

No one is the right time, to prevent their occurrence since puberty. The appearance of stretch marks is not dependent on age, sex, or even about how life with them as athletes and people who are not engaged in sport, adolescents and adults, pregnant women, girls and boys. The most important thing you need to know about stretch marks is that it is necessary to prevent their occurrence. The skin needs to be nurtured before the grooves do occur. Otherwise, everything becomes much more difficult, and the result is no guarantee. Prevention is the best medicine Adolescents need to be vigilant and seriously devote ourselves to skin care: effects of hormones at puberty is a major cause of stretch marks. Prevention is the only real "cure", which gives the best results. From cosmetics and body care should pick the ones that increase the skins elasticity and reconstruction of fiber. Decide thus for a good moisturizer for the body, rich plant extract to improve the structure of the fiber skin. When you use the cream? In the evening and the morning after bathing or showering, the well dried apply a layer of cream gently massaging to allow the cream to fully absorb. Pay special attention to "critical" areas of the body. Is there a diet against stretch marks? There is no right of diet that would prevent the formation of stretch marks. However, it is known that yogurt, fruits and vegetables (especially beans) contain vitamins, salts and proteins that help renew the skin. What if they already have? Do not despair, you can still take a lot! If the grooves are just pink, just use a damp and nourishing body cream. The most effective are moisturizers with herbal oils that increase skin elasticity. To achieve the desired result, the treatment must last at least three months ... Stretch marks are already pearly colors? Is there salvation? It can help a professional beautician if you have the adequate preparations. It is necessary to restore the skin substances that food and give it back its elasticity. The effects of laser treatment and microabrasion are controversial. For the appearance of skin you have, therefore, constantly worry: Food, develop and maintain the most desirable body weight. Then there will be no problem with stretch marks!

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