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Food rich in protein

A diet rich in protein not only reduces weight but also the brain, according to a new U.S. study

It also increases the risk of Alzheimers disease in old age. The brains of mice that were subjected to a diet similar to Atkins - rich in protein, carbohydrates and poor - were in the age poznijoj lighter by five percent. Most importantly, the parts of the brain that are critical for memory in the animals tested remained undeveloped. Although not yet definitively confirmed that such a diet could have the same effect on humans, earlier studies have shown that foods rich in fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of dementia. Sam Gandy, a leading U.S. expert on Alzheimers disease, and her team tried to discover the effects of different types of diet on the brains of mice. Tested animals were genetically modified so that they were prone to beta amyloid, a toxic plaques that cause brain cell death and memory loss characteristic of Alzheimers disease. According to a report presented in the journal Molecular neurodegeneration reports brains of mice on a high-protein diet were lighter than in mice on a normal diet, however, amongst them also saw an increase in the amount of plaque. At the height of the popularity of the Atkins diet had millions of followers worldwide, especially in western countries. However, many are abandoned when it proved to have harmful side effects such as mood swings and constipation and may increase the risk of heart attacks and kidney problems.

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