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How much salt goes into sausages Sausages recipe, calories, cooked in wine with herbs

Sausages can be prepared in different ways and they often find on the menu like sausages with sauerkraut, cooked in wine ... If you watch the calories we can only note that the 10 dkg fried sausage has 320 calories. No, thats a recipe for the preparation of sausage, how much salt goes into sausages

Heres a prescription for the preparation of sausages cooking. Boneless pork - 65 kg / 100 kg of product /; solid fat - 35 kg, salt - 2.5 kg; sweet paprika powder - 0.2 kg; pepper, black ground - 0.1 kg ; fresh white onions (cleaned or crushed) - 0.1 kg; thin pork intestines - 250 meters (m). Coarsely ground meat and hard fat is added to salt and spice. Garlic can grind together with meat and black pepper in a separate mill. If such a mill there, black pepper is chipped and sift. Salt and spices should be added gradually and tasting to determine whether the taste. The main mass of the additional spices are well mixed and it is full of hoses that are prepared for this purpose. They are used only thin pork intestines. If there is no charger, charging can be used mesoreznica (meat grinder), which was removed from the grid and in its place securely funnel. Charged hoses are connected in pairs, with each piece about 12 cm in length. Separation of pairs is done by filling in a specific place thrust back and forth, and then the hose several times a twist to the right or left direction, but always the same for all the sausages from a single piece of intestine.

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