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How to play JAMB Playing Jamba, game rules and dice - dice with 6 dice

Playing Jamba is a very popular board game that is played with dice dice, a dice with 6 dice with 5 dice. How to play dice and the rules are

Yamb is a social game that can be played with 5 or 6 dice. The game usually involved two or more players, but it is possible to play alone. There is also a game of doubles, a goal in each type of game is to score as many points. The game also uses other than bricks and special ballot, which consists of 12 or more lines and 4 or more columns. Standard ballot consists of 12 rows and 4 columns. Yamb is played by a player is entitled to a maximum of three dice throws in a circle (in some versions allowed only two throws, while the other is in the final round of the game, allowing five throws), provided that after each player throws the dice decides will drop further, which will be preserved. After completed throws are obligatory for the result obtained by the point system, in one field slips. The version of the game with six dice, completed after throwing player chooses according to his will five dice to be used for entry into the ballot, while the six dice invalid. It is possible that the program I reject six dice automatically, although there are those who seek to make himself a player. The game ends when the last player complete all fields on their ballots, a winner is the player who scored the most points after the addition performed.

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