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How to play darts equipment, arrows and darts game rules

Darts is a sport game where players roll out the hands of a small arrow on the circular target, which is divided into sections, where each piece carries a certain number of points. Equipment for the darts and arrows round board. Heres how to play darts and that the rules of the game darts

Standard target of 45.1 cm in diameter located at a distance of 2.37 m from the competitors and hung on a wall or other support at a height 1.73 m (from the floor to the center of the target). Diagonal line from the center throws the target length is 2.934 m. Players alternately throwing three arrows (one at a time) in the dash. Add up the numbers of affected fields. The goal of the game is that players from the agreed number (301 or 501) brought his score to zero. Players may not step on the line throwing, but the body can bend and move your hand over it.

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