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How to play chess, the moves, rules, problems, strategies and stacking pieces - play chess online

Order pieces in chess to teach, and also what actions to which the figure can be done, and the problems that arise will learn best practice. Best to develop its strategy of playing chess. Chess can be played online, and heres how to play chess and that the rules

First, it is necessary to prepare the board for chess, and on it there by 8 black and white pedestrians. Arrange them on the second and seventh line of the chess table. Four guns, two black and white, arrange on plate corners. Four horses put next to guns and fighter jets to them which is also four. Then come the red queen, ask them to put the black queen on a black field, a white on white field. Kings put on the remaining fields. Pedestrians can move only one square forward, for the first time they can move two squares forward. They move one way and the right, and if you come to the second end plate can be changed for the queen. The king can only move one space, but in all directions. The queen can also move in all directions and that as many fields as not skips some of their figures. The horse can jump over other pieces, and moving two squares forward in one direction and one square left or right. Top moving forward and backward and can not jump over other pieces, a hunter is moving in all directions and only diagonally.

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