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Traffic signs notices and orders - types of traffic signs

All road users should be able to read road signs. Thus, traffic signs apply to cyclists. For example, there are road signs information, here are the types of traffic signs are

Traffic signs are signs placed on roads that warn road users to behave safely, and what rules apply to a particular section of the public highway. Traffic signs include: signs of danger signs of explicit commands, phrases, and phrases for conducting transactions with an extra panel that is part of a road sign, and which specifies the meaning of traffic sign or without a variable traffic signs, traffic lights and light markings and labels on pavement and other surfaces The signs inform road users give the required notice of the road you are moving, the names of the places through which the road passes and distances to these places, abrogation of the characters express orders, and other information that can be used. Phrases have the form of squares, rectangles or circles. The basic color of the sign information is: yellow, with symbols and signs of black, white, with symbols and labels white, black, red or green, green with symbols and signs of white, , White, with symbols and signs of black, red or blue. In addition to motor vehicle drivers and cyclists as road users must adhere to traffic signs.

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