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How to learn to swim, swimming for children and breathing techniques - teaching swimming lessons for kids

How children learn to swim, first you need to prepare for a swim and allay their fear of water. Teaching swimming lessons for kids is the most organized, but you can try it yourself and teach your children swimming and to the best in the game. The child must master the breathing techniques in the water ...

When a child needs to dispel the fear of water, to teach him to swim through the game, and reward his efforts when successfully overcome some of the basic swimming techniques should take into account the childs age. Experts believe that with proper swimming should begin after a child 3 or 4 years when you can master real swimming movements. The order of learning should be as follows: * Footwork * Work with the feet breathe * The work of the hands * The work of the hands of the breathing * The work of the hands and feet * The work of the hands and feet to breathe It is extremely important to be patient, and teach your child how to breathe properly is the basis for each swimming techniques.

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